Just after 8:00p.m. Saturday night MCHD was dispatched to the intersection of Riley Fuzzell Road at Spring Trails Ridge for a major accident. On arrival they found Blue Honda mini-van had been struck in the rear by a silver Dodge mini-van.

In the Honda van was the driver identified as Andrew Warner, age 30. His wife Elizabeth, age 29 and their 3-year-old son Jackson. Also sitting in a child safety seat was their daughter 17-month-old Taylor Grace Warner.

The silver van was driven by Moses Spulveda, age 20. In the front passenger seat was Corazon Vargas, age 20 and their 9-month-old son in a child safety seat in the back seat.

According to investigators Andrew Warner was in the left turn lane waiting to turn into the Subdivision. As Spulveda southbound looked into the back seat as the baby and drifted into the turn lane striking the Warner van in the rear and pushing it over one hundred feet.

With the impact it appeared the front seat of the Warner van broke backwards striking the 17-month in the head. The baby was flown by Life Flight to Herman Hospital in Houston in critical condition. The child’s mother Elizabeth was transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston by Cypress Creek EMS. There were no other injuries.

Just before 2:00 pm. this afternoon 17-month old Taylor Grace Warner passed away.

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  2. Blanche1

    There are well over 2000 hits on little Taylor’s Memorial Blog site. All of us are angry that no action has been taken against the DRUNK driver who hit them. There were witness who watched as the adults from the van who hit the Warner’s stopped car, carried alcohol bottles away from the scene immediately after the crash, before Police arrived. We ALL want justice for the Warner Family. Were any tests taken from the drivers of the Dodge Van? What were the results? Did the police listen to the witnesses and seek the bottles that were hidden? We want answers.

    1. Scott Engle

      If that happened why didn’t someone tell the police. I was out there and nobody did. The DPS Crash team was out there today investigating. Someone needs to come forward.

  3. LesterB.

    This family had attended a benefit at our home to donate toys for needy children. The children had a great time playing with each other while the adults mingled.We had talked about seeing each other on Sunday to watch the Texans game together. They lived only 5 -10 minutes from us. We didn’t know of the accident until the next morning. Such a tragedy. We all mourn their loss. Wonderful people and such a beautiful baby. God bless you Taylor.

  4. upsetforever

    Conflicting stories as we heard the drive who hit the victum had thrown beer bottles from the car and was in hand cuffs? Please confirm as if this was the case the story relayed is very different and there needs to be justice for the warner family…

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