Approximately 1030am this morning emergency crews were dispatched to a home in the 17000 block of Harbor Drive in Montgomery for a drowning. When they arrived they found a two-and-one-half year old male had fallen into Lake Conroe and was unresponsive. Montgomery Fire Department crews and MCHD medics worked on the child and were able to get a pulse back. He was immediately transported to Conroe Regional Hospital.
Medical staff at Conroe Regional were able to stabilize the chil;d who was then flown to Texas Childrens Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.
According to Precinct 1 Deputi Constable Randy Sanson the childs 21-year-old mother had arrived at her fathers home from Kansas City, Missouri close to 2am this morning on a vacation. The child was quite restless and the mother worked several hours trying to get the child to sleep including watching some childrens shows. When the child finally fell asleep on a couch on the first floor of the home with his mother.
About 10:30am other family members awoke and as they came downstairs noticed the child was not with the mother. A search of the house turned up nothing so they went out to the backyard. Still not seeing anything they walked to the waters edge where they found the child floating face up near the dock. The grandfather immediately pulled the unresponsive child out and started CPR.
Montgomery Fire Department along with MCHD, Sheriff’s Department and Precinct 1 Constables all responded to the scene.

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