Bad Post Office Experiences are AVOIDABLE!


  Nothing can rob someone of their Christmas spirit quite like having to deal with a busy post office in the middle of December. Simply finding a place to park can bring out one’s inner Grinch. But it doesn’t end there! Taking a package inside to mail it and finding out just how many people can be crammed into the small space, and how many of them don’t use deodorant or control their children is also part of the experience.

Unfortunately, sometimes people are left with no choice but to endure the busy December post office.

HOWEVER, there is another option for those who live in East Montgomery County, the Grangerland area, or the east side of unincorporated Conroe (or anywhere in Montgomery County, if it’s worth the drive!).

Grangerland Ship-n-Mail is a conveniently located, low stress option for mailing packages, with extended holiday hours!

They also offer post office boxes with a physical address, which can prevent customers from becoming a victim of the ever increasing crime of package theft. People go to work, packages are left in their mailbox or on their porch, and a thief helps themselves to the packages before the resident returns home. Having a box prevents this possibility and ensures privacy.

Grangerland Ship-n-Mail is a certified shipper for the US Postal Service, and also ships UPS and FedEx packages. Additionally, they provide notary services and copy services, which can also make life much easier throughout the year.

Reduce your stress – Go see Jackie at Grangerland Ship-n-Mail!  Santa did! Shhhhh!

It’s located at 15925 FM 3083, in the same shopping center as Grangerland Grocery, on the corner of FM 2090 and FM 3083.

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  1. DollyHorton

    The main problem with post offices, especially the New Caney branch, is that packages go in one end of the US Postal service but often–too often when sent from New Caney—they don’t come out the other end. Something mysterious happens to them in between. And of course tracking numbers and delivery confirmations are worthless because–surprise!! the tracking number either does not get into their system or it shows delivered when it never arrived at all.

    ANY other method of sending packages is preferable to the USPO. Especially the New Caney branch.

    Oh, and don’t bother the Post Master about it. They just say sorry, nothing I can do….

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