Bagley Announces Candidacy for Precinct 4 Commissioner Pledges to Donate $100,000 of His Salary to The Community When Elected in 2018!

Bob Bagley, current Hospital District Board member, veteran and local grassroots activist, is pleased to announce his candidacy for County Commissioner of Precinct 4.  East County needs leadership they can trust.
Bob Bagley will restore public confidence by addressing important issues such as drainage, damaged roads and ever rising property taxes tied to irresponsible spending. Bagley will open the lines of communication and promote transparent government.
The tax payers are spending too much on the bloated salaries of their elected officials. For years the argument at Commissioners Court has been that we cannot attract competent people to represent the community unless we compete with private industry by paying them higher salaries.  Elected officials in Montgomery County earn upwards of $168,000 plus benefits. That is more than twice as much as the average citizen in Montgomery County earns. Inflated salaries contribute to some of the highest taxes in Texas.
The debt level in Montgomery County is stifling businesses and property owners. Increased taxes for toll roads, drive the cost of living in Montgomery County higher than ever.
“Our children that have had the good fortune of growing up in Montgomery County may not have the chance to raise their families here, they will be forced out by the exorbitant property taxes”, said Bob Bagley.  “We have today, a county with a reputation all over Texas for greed and corruption. Most of the commissioners are currently criminally indicted awaiting trial. Maybe it’s time to start looking for PUBLIC SERVANTS with a heart for serving the community”.
Bob will bring his experience in Law Enforcement, Construction and Emergency Management Planning/Training to provide the taxpayers with leadership that will Make A Difference in East County.  As a former small business owner he understands the demands of the private sector.  He has proven his willingness to serve by volunteering as a Boy Scout Leader, a Patriot Guard Rider, with Montgomery County Homeless Coalition, on the Montgomery County Animal Shelter Advisory Board, with local political organizations, and many community based organizations.
“When you elect me, Bob Bagley, as your Precinct 4 Commissioner, I will work tirelessly to reduce the cost of county government, to root out corruption, cut spending and lower taxes in order to return the county to a sound financial footing.  I’ll put my money where my mouth is and lead by exampleI pledge to donate, from my own pocket, $100,000 of my salary to various community projects benefiting Precinct 4.”
Attention should be directed to the county parks and recreational facilities for families, the elderly, and indigent care. Local residents prefer to rely on private charity and sponsorships for improvements instead of government taxing. Bagley vows to restore integrity and responsible governance to Precinct 4.
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