Saturday · 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Shanahan’s Bar & Grill

18020 Highway 105

Montgomery, TX

Rhonda Land has been a paramedic in Montgomery County for the past 13 years. She has been helping others for so long and now it’s OUR turn to help her!! Recently, she was misdiagnosed with a blood clot and hospitalized for a week only to return home and continue to be in pain and off work. She received a second opinion and was correctly diagnosed with a virus that was putting pressure on her brain. As we can all imagine, being out of work for almost a month and having mounting medical bills, makes for an extremely hard situation. Let’s all get together to help her out in any way we can. She has two precious boys depending on her and she has already had to move out of her condo for lack of rent payment. What a great way to say Thank you for all she has done for her community and all the lives she has saved. There will be food ( $8 bbq plates) and activities and all proceeds go to Rhonda. Hope to see all of you there!!!!


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