B.J. had been ill for 2 weeks at home, but he insisted on taking his junior level TAKS test at school. He was then taken by ambulance to Texas Children’s Hospital, where the doctors are still trying to agree on a diagnosis, as he lay in critical condition. Kim, his mom, lives in Utah, and struggled with the cost of getting to B.J., but nothing could keep her away from her son. No mother would ever be prepared to see her son in the condition he was in. Machines, tubes, screws in bones, inability to breathe, too weak to hold a cell phone, unable to talk for lack of air, and skeletal.  All this, and no known reason. He was a normal perfectly healthy teenage boy before this. She is now not only struggling with the helplessness of not being able to help B.J., but also the expenses of parking, motel, gas, etc… just to be by his side.

If you would like to help, the first thing requested from you is PRAYER!!!   Please continue to pray for B.J. all day, that the doctors can solve the mystery of the infections in his lungs. His lungs have completely shut down, and his other organs are doing the same. He is on life support and dialysis. He is too medically fragile, now, for the tests to be done on him.

If you would like to donate money to help B.J.’s family, just click on the PayPal link. If you are associated with New Caney High School, you may give donations to Connie Gregory, principal’s secretary.
There is still hope for B.J. as he fights to live. He wants to be a marine biologist one day. He said so, a few days ago, one gasping syllable at a time.


They are putting another tube next to his jugular in his coratid artery because he is just not getting enough oxygen…this is a major surgery with lots of risk which can cause blood clots, bleeding etc. This is so not what I wanted/needed to hear I am headed up there as soon as I can get it together if I can even get to the shower…so, off again for now…will update again later…scared to death mommy

Kim, his mother who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah flew down to be with her son. She has been staying at a motel during the stay. She also has to drive back and forth and has the expense of parking.

Please help all you can and pray for B.J.


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  1. shug

    Please let the family know that Ronald McDonald house is on the fourth floor and has food, washer/dryer, sleeping rooms, showers, they treat the families very good. Tell the recetionist at the desk in ICU waiting area to put your name on the list for a room. There is no charge. You can also sleep on the recliner beds, showers are on the 7th floor, additional washer and dryers are on the 10th floor. You can get help with parking if you ask the social worker. I have an oversize van and could not get help, I paid $400.00 for parking and that was discounted. There is other help available. All you have to do is tell the nurse you need to speak to a social worker. They will help you. My daughter was in TCH for two months from Jan -March, then again in April. We make weekly trips to TCH now trying to keep her out of the hospital, so I know what this family going through. My daughter was in ICU 4 times during the 2 month stay and had 6 major surgeries during that time. Thanks to lots of prayers and the good doctors she is home. My prayers are with this family. Any donation not matter how much will help to offset the expenses. Please help with whatever amount you can, my church helped me. Another note the family can bring food as there are refrig, freezers and microwaves for you to use. God be with you.

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