December 7, 2022 9:38 pm

Posted: 28.2.2010 18:30


Around 6:30 pm Deputy Chapa of the Precinct 4 Constables office made a traffic stop at Fostoria Road and US 59. As he talked with the occupants of the vehicle their stories did not match and they seemed nervous. When asked to search the car one of the female occupants hesitated but then allowed it.
What he found besides several thousand of dollars worth of new stereo speakers and other equipment was a purse in the back seat.
In the purse, he found over $2000 in cash and two new baby bottles still in the box filled with liquid
According to Chief Deputy Barry Welch cigarettes are dipped into PCP for a high these cigarettes can cost from $10 for being dipped half-way to $20 for a full dip. The person doing this can make close to $700 an ounce.
The liquid can be sold close to $350 an ounce.
Of the four occupants, only one was charged and transported to the Montgomery County jail. He was Timothy Ferral Sparks age 30 of Shelbyville, Texas.
In addition, the Buick Park Avenue was seized along with over $2000 in cash and a large amount of stereo equipment.