Saturday afternoon at 4:30pm  Magnolia Fire Department were doing what they do best, saving lives and fighting fires. But as they were just finishing a call the medics advised the fire crew another medical call just came in and it was a cardiac. Firefighters rushed to the scene where they found two Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies doing CPR on none other than their friend, fellow firefighter and ESD #10 Board Member John Snook. The firefighters were assisted by law enforcement until the medics came in and CPR continued for almost forty-five minutes at which point they were able to get a pulse back.

Medics say that when Mr. Snooks wife found him in his chair unresponsive she called 911 and then initiated CPR along with family members who arrived seconds later. This alone made a big difference in helping crews get a pulse back..

He was transported to Tomball Hospital where he was communication  with friends and family members with the squeeze of a hand. Then on Monday he passed away at 4:30pm, exactly 48 hours after the initial heart attack.

John was a firefighter for many years with Magnolia almost 48 years starting at Firefighter on to Captain and eventually Assistant Chief. He has been on ESD 10 for almost 15 years. John was also a retired Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy where he spent over 42 years.

“John was a big hearted person, would give you the shirt off your back and a good all around guy,” said Jesse Barret, also a Magnolia Firefighter and good friend of Johns.

John leaves his loving wife Betty, daughters Donna and Dana and his son Trey (John Snook Jr.)

Funeral services will be 10:00am at  Tomball Assembly of God Church on Main Street in Tomball.

Viewing will be Thursday night fro 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

He will be buried in Magnolia at Magnolia Memorial Gardens.


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