I have over 50 hard drives stored in safety deposit boxes of news scenes over the past 40 years. I started to consolidate some the past few days onto larger drives. In doing so someone said why not share a few. Well I decided to do a “Blast From the Past” daily with video from back in the day. In some you would not even recognize Montgomery County. It has grown, changed and kept growing. Many things have changed and will continue as it grows even more.

Back in 2006 Grangerland Fire Department, which is now Caney Creek Fire Department was tasked with a fire that burned at a mulch facility for over 24-hours. Back then the department was all volunteer. THese volunteers ate, slept, and fought that fire for the duration. They were assisted by Bennette Fire Department, also Volunteer which is now also part of Caney Creek Fire Department. River Plantation Fire Department, also now Caney Creek Fire Department. Porter Fire. It was people helping people and to get the job done. Commissioner Rinehardt assisted with equipment to help break the mountain of mulch up. Even Sheriff Tommy Gage himself was on the scene. What brought this fire up was a story out of California I saw yesterday with firefighters on the wildfires sleeping on the ground in someones back yard. As you read this think about the heat out there, the gear they are wearing. A key is constant hydration. Keep drinking water. FOr the citizens of Montgomery County, you pass a fire station daily. How about the next trip to the grocery store grab an extra case of water and on the way home drop it by that fire station you drive by daily. Someone should be there, but if they are out on a call just leave it by the door, they will find it and believe me appreciate it. As you look at some of these photos from March 19, 2006 some of these what look like kids volunteered and many were just out of high school. Almost all are still in the Fire Service or some type of public service. One is a police officer locally.

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