Sometime Tuesday night what is believed to be some juveniles poured several gallons of blue paint over the the “Grady Spikes Memorial Tiger”. The tiger made by Bill McGlaun in 2002 is made of bronze. The tiger weighs 2-tons and is 13 feet from nose to tail. It stands 9 feet tall.

The tiger is a memorial for the late Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Grady Spikes, who earlier in his career was a teacher and athletic coach at the school.

Conroe ISD Police are investigating and hope to have suspects in custody soon.

No other details are available as CISD PIO has not returned calls on this matter.


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  2. copeland

    Just the beginning of their criminal career…not just boys will be boys, no big deal! The tip of the iceberg showing the current generations lack of respect and behavior, there are going to be a lot of worthless bums/criminals mixed in with the good kids who do something with their lives. It all depends on the parents-they are either doing a great job or enabling this bullshit behavior that we the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for! Some people just should not have children-they don’t parent worth a damn!

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