At 9:07 pm Montgomery County 911 took a call from a boater who stated they had been involved in a collision on Lake Conroe north of the dam. They reported one woman was in the water and had not been seen since the crash. Another male passenger pulled several children  out of the water, all of which had severe injuries. They also reported two men from another boat were in the water.

North Montgomery County Fire Rescue Boat 94 was first on the scene followed by multiple Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol units.

Lt Cade with the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol reported a 29 year-old female was thrown from their pleasure boat after it was struck by a Skeeter bass boat. That female is still missing and the dive team just called off the search for the night at 330am.  Cade said a bass boat involved in a fishing tournament had just left the East Beach area of Lake Conroe. As they rounded the corner of the point the bass boat slammed into a large pleasure boat. Both the driver and passenger of the bass boat were ejected but had life vests. The impact almost cut the pleasure boat in two.

Very early in the investigation the two on the bass boat say they did not see any lights on the pleasure boat, however further investigation is needed to determine if indeed they were not on.

PHI Air Medical transported an approximately 10 year-old boy in very critical condition. Another PHI helicopter transported a 3-year-old female. In all there were four adults and 4 children on the pleasure boat.

Montgomery County hospital District and Lake Conroe Fire Department assisted as the injured were brought to a staging area near Beach Walk and SH 105 where boat ramps, docks and a large enough area to land helicopters was available.

Tow Boats USA towed the bass boat in , it was heavily damaged. The pleasure boat was almost cut in half and cracked below the water line. Tow Boats USA had to plug the crack and pump the boat out before they towed it to shore.  Both boats were put in secure storage by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office who assisted in the investigation.

Montgomery County Precinct 1, Texas Parks and Wildlife, North Montgomery County Fire Department and Vernon Miller a well known diver who knows almost every inch Lake Conroe. A Coast Guard helicopter from Ellington Field in Houston was also dispatched to the scene.

Officials do not believe alcohol played a factor in the crash.

Names are not being released as officials are still attempting to positively identify each person involved.

One of the victims of the Bass Boat has been identified as Josh Ward, a country music singer/songwriter from Montgomery. He was a passenger on the bass boat. According to his wife Heather he has no internal injuries, has a fractured elbow and will need to see an orthopedic. He has been released from the hospital and is home. She also stated the driver of the boat, Ward’s friend Andrew is banged up but ok.



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  1. stroker8

    both fisherman are seasoned & know the lake well……both had on life vest …one reason they are alive…….also looks like the bass boat was the stand on vessel….[ meaning the other had to give way ] to them………also rush creek is the busiest area of the lake…….bass fisherman as a group are some of the safest on the water………both groups need prayer to deal with this ………….god bless

  2. russh

    I may be wrong: and, I’m sure someone will correct me if that’s the case. But, I thought the lake had a nighttime speed limit of no more speed than needed to get a boat on plane. Of course the Bass fisherman may not have been familiar with that rule if he is from another area.

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