Please be aware that there are con artists that are functioning locally, calling bonded clients and claiming to be there Bail Bond office. They are a cloaking their telephone numbers using apps and web based programs so they appear to be your bail bondsman. They are calling at all times of the day and night demanding more money be immediately paid or the bond will be revoked. They are demanding that monies be paid via green dot cards or Western Union, or some other form of on refundable payment.
Please be aware that any demands made like this are illegal. Any payments made to any bail bondsman in the state of Texas are regulated by Texas state law.
No bond can be revoked by a bail bondsman in the middle of the night. Any revocation requires filing in court and a judges signature.

Anytime money is paid to a bail bond office in Texas, a receipt is required, and that receipt is mandated to have specific things written on it. If you receive a telephone call from someone demanding money via Western Union or green dot or any other form of immediate and non-refundable payment, laugh at them and hang up. It’s a scam.

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