I find it gratifying, and somewhat amusing, that my run-off opponent has apparently finally discovered that your County Judge’s office, even though it’s being vacated at the end of the year, is not for sale to the highest bidder. At last report, he has spent several hundred thousand dollars in a no-holds-barred attempt to buy his way into office. That’s multiple times what I have spent in my campaign. Given the size of his campaign war chest, I suspect he will spend much more over the next 60 days.

But as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, and my opponent is certainly well-funded to do just that. In a recent press release provided by my opponent’s $3,000 per month publicist / campaign consultant (of which he has several), he accused me of “skipping out” on forums that he maintains I should have attended. For example, he said I had avoided a forum sponsored by the Montgomery County Young Republicans. In keeping with tactics employed regularly by the current administration in the White House, this is not only misleading to you the voters, but it is an outright falsehood. Instead, on that same evening, I was attending my first fundraiser, a fundraiser that had been scheduled previous to the time and date of the Young Republicans meeting. This was not only known in advance by the group in question, but an announcement was made at the Young Republicans meeting explaining where I was.

In addition to throwing obscene amounts of money into the race, my opponent is now resorting to even more Washington, D.C. style gimmickry. For example, he has decided, in conjunction with his consultant, the Fredricks Group, that a “debate” will be held at a time and place of his choosing with a format that he will decide to use. Not once has my campaign been contacted for our input so that we could agree upon mutually acceptable terms, time and location. Rather, he chose to issue this so-called “challenge” via the media. Perhaps my opponent surrounds himself with people who say “how high” when he says “jump”, but that’s not how I run my life or my job, and that is most certainly not how I will run the office of County Judge.

Additionally, he maintains I avoided 6 of 11 forums. The fact is I attended 7 forums where the candidates jointly faced one another and took questions from the public. To further mislead you, I assume he “forgot” to mention that he was a no-show at the forum held exclusively for run-off candidates in the Shenandoah City Council chambers on March 6th. Oops – he also “forgot” to mention that he was a no-show at the County Judge candidate forum sponsored by the Woodlands Republican Women at Landry’s. On that occasion, his hired publicist attended in his place and gave his speech. One can only imagine what he would “forget” to tell you if he were County Judge. Perhaps none of this should be too surprising, however, since at one time my opponent ran for Montgomery County Pct 2 Commissioner as a Democrat, even though he has held himself out in this campaign to be a life-long Republican. Maybe the truth doesn’t matter in D.C., but it certainly does in our great county.

As I have done throughout this campaign, I will continue to attend candidate forums held by neutral groups on neutral grounds. It’s all too clear that my opponent’s allegations to the media are indicative of a man pathetically grasping for straws, since he has discovered that the voters of Montgomery County do not have their County Judge’s office up for sale. You deserve better, much better. You have my pledge that I will remember this is about you, the voters. It’s not about me.

Mark Bosma

Candidate for Montgomery County Judge







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  1. spk

    Yes, it would be nice if all politicians would address the real issues of the county and country and not try to side-step and sling mud. This is to both candidates and a lot of other candidates in this county and country. Why do people think the best way to win an election is to sidestep and sling mud?

  2. LOL29

    Well maybe they could agree to debate. I would love to hear a debate between these two. You say you do not know anything about Bosma because the only thing people know is the tea party is backing him. I think people should vote for who they believe would be best for the county and I want to know what they each plan to do for the county. I think a lot of people would attend a debate. So let’s hope they can agree on a “neutral” time/place. There are issues I want to hear about. Things like water conservation and budgets.

  3. jstephencoffman

    The problems I have with Craig Doyle are:

    1. It seems he is a career politician. Please tell me if I am wrong;
    2. He is from an “old Montgomery County family”. Montgomery County now has more newcomers and their interests should be represented and not deals made a couple of generations ago.
    3. I also don’t like it that Doyle aided the Westwood Magnolia Parkway District formation which was underhandedly created contrary to four elections against it.

    So who is bankrolling Doyle?

    I don’t know anything about Bosma.

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