Trinity County Constable Mark Cole injured in apparent escape attempt, which lead to a fleet crash.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., Constable Cole and Sheriff’s Deputy Wells was leaving Coach Village en route to the local jailhouse, transporting suspect Jeffrey Mackey into custody on charges of assault family violence.  As they drove away, with the vehicle in motion, Mackey opened the door and jumped out in an apparent escape attempt escape. Constable Cole’s sudden stop resulted in Deputy Wells crashing into the back of Constable Cole’s patrol car. Mackey ran from the scene but was subsequently taken back into custody a short distance from the crash by Deputy Wells.

After giving complaints about his arm and shoulder pain, Constable Cole has been flown to a Conroe area hospital for treatment. Mackey remains in custody and is being held at the Trinity emergency room. Deputy Wells received no major injuries.
Since the crash involved two law enforcement agencies from the county, Sheriff Wallace has asked Chief Jones to conduct the investigation. At this time, this is all the information we know. As Constable Cole’s condition gets better, we will keep you posted.

Constable Cole was in good spirits and being a real trooper! Please have him in your thoughts and prayers.

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