BREAKING NEWS! Fake Cop Tries Robbing Motorist

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of someone impersonating a police officer, conducting a traffic stop and attempting to rob a woman at gunpoint near Conroe this evening.

The woman said she was northbound on I-45 just south of FM 1488 around 9:15 p.m. when an unmarked Dodge Charger with a police package initiated a traffic stop, apparently using a strobe flashlight. The man got out of his vehicle and ordered her out of hers. Still believing he was an officer stopping her for a traffic violation, the woman complied and stepped out of her vehicle. She then realized the man was wearing a stocking mask and brandishing a gun.

The bandit demanded his victim hand over her money and credit cards. Instead, the terrified woman kicked the man in the groin, jumped back into her car and fled.

No further descriptions are available at this time.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. really66

    MOCOLEO……ALL police vehicles should be marked!!! At least the ones that will be pulling over citizens for traffic violations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I see you or any other unmarked vehicle put your lights on to pull me over (and I have told my daughter the same thing) I will call 911 to verify. If this is a problem for you or any other officer, think how your wife, mom, daughter etc…would feel!!!


    Maybe so but then ALL police cars are not marked. go look at all the unmarked in the parking lot of SO and PD’s. Mine is not marked..

  3. deucesh75

    This same car tried to pull over my wife on Friday PM near I-45 and Robinson Road area. My wife wasn’t doing anything and she noticed that the car had NO marking whatsoever and a regular “Texas” plate – not an exempt one. So when she saw the lights come on behind her, she freaked and called me, but did not pull over. She drove for a mile or two while we tried to figure out what to do and then the car swerved into another lane and got another car for doing nothing at all. These guys are thugs. If they don’t have markings, just keeping driving to a safe place and call 911 and have them come out and verify the situation. Very scary to think my wife and children could have been victim to this.

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