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Jurors just returned a guilty  verdict in the capital murder trial of Joseph Raziel Gutierrez, a Latin Kings gang member, accused of being the triggerman in the March 24, 2014 shooting death of Shamsuddin “Sam” Sadruddin at his store on SH 105 East at South Duck Creek in the Security area of SH 105. His accomplice was a 13-year-old who was already in trouble with the law. The younger teen’s identity is protected by law because of his age.

Trial testimony revealed the younger teen confessed to his school bus driver, who then contacted authorities. At the time of the murder, the 13-year-old was on probation and wearing an ankle monitor. He acknowledged he was not supposed to be out of his house at the time of night the murder occurred, but said he had been breaking the curfew and nothing had happened. In fact, he claimed his probation officer never acknowledged being aware he was not where the ankle monitor was meant to ensure he would be at night. The teen claims he was supposed to be the lookout while Gutierrez robbed the store owner. Initially, he too was charged with capital murder, but reached a plea agreement in exchange for his testimony.


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