breaking news-horse recovered

Late Tuesday afternoon Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputies were contacted by a Houston Police Department Auto Theft detective. He reported that he had possibly found the horse that was stolen Friday from the Tractor Supply in Porter.

Deputies responded to the location and were able to recover the horse. The truck and trailer were not at the location.

Deputy Morrow contacted the horses owner Anita Lee who had been out most of the day placing signs offering a reward for the horses return. She had just sat down to eat when the call came.

A friend loaned Lee a truck and trailer as she responded to the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office in New Caney.

The horse, Kat’s Trophy arrived and welcomed Lee’s hand out of peppermints but was more interested in getting to some green grass. Lee said Kat’s Trophy looked a little thin and had halter burns but was otherwise in good condition.

Deputy Morrow said the horse had been dropped at the location several days ago and was tied to a tree with no food or water. There were other horses on the location also which had been taken care of.

According to Constable Hayden, they are now talking to some people in the area in an attempt to find the ones responsible for the theft and also try to locate the truck and trailer.