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A Montgomery County jury has sentenced former Pct. 1 Deputy Constable James Earl Selmser III to 30 months in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice after finding him guilty of intoxication manslaughter. Selmser was charged in the January 29, 2015 death of 21-year-old Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Catherine Breeding in a motorcycle crash. The jury took four hours to decide sentencing.


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  1. conroe911

    Getting in or on a motor vehicle/ motorcycle with a driver that is intoxicated while being intoxicated yourself is suicide. You knowing put a loaded gun to your head and pull the trigger it’s suicide. She new the situation and volunteered herself into it. A couple years for this is the norm considering the circumstances. They both should split the punishment since they equally made a bad choice. The young woman passed away and that’s tragic. If he was 100%at fault this is a 5 year prison sentence on average for anyone cop or not. But if they split responsibility then 2 1/2 years is justified.

    Justice has been served.
    The bigger picture is doing our best as parents and friends to ensure this trajedoes does not happen again. Prayers to both families and what this young deputy will live with for the rest of his life.

  2. mlg1969

    I guess if I had been the one that was intoxicated and killed a cop I would never see daylight again.. But this man is a cop!! And he basically gets away with murder!! 2yrs.6 months!! Yep, i said it twice. Nice justice system we have going on here!? The people that make these stupid decisions

    1. michelle227

      Actually, many juries hold law enforcement personnel to higher standards in these sorts of cases. A substantial number of non-LEO’s tend to receive probation when there was no other history of criminal conduct- many jurors look at sentencing with the eye towards ‘there but for the grace of one’s deity of choice go I”

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