Details are still sketchy. Approximately 130am this morning a 26 year old man was shot and killed by a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy after a brief struggle in which the suspect tried to get the deputies gun. Two other deputies were injured in the incident and were hospitalized. Investigators are still on the scene and we will update as soon as more details are available


Early this morning deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were involved in an officer involved shooting where a suspect was shot and killed.

Around 1:45 AM this morning deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a party disturbance in the Timber Lakes Timber Ridge Subdivision in South Montgomery County. The initial deputy in the area requested other patrol units to assist.

As other deputies responding to assist deputies observed a vehicle driving erratically and believed that the driver was trying to evade. The vehicle stopped in his home driveway on Timber Lakes Drive. Two deputies initiated an interview with the driver and passenger.

During the investigation the suspect gave the deputy a fictitious name and date of birth and the deputy found drug contraband in the suspect’s car. While attempting to detain the suspect the suspect failed to follow commands of the deputies and physical efforts to control the suspect was not successful.

During the struggle a taser was deployed but was ineffective against the suspect. The suspect made an attempt to escape and ran but was tackled by one of the deputies. During a violent struggle the suspect attempted several times to take a deputy’s gun from his holster. The deputy fired at least two rounds striking the suspect. The suspect died at the scene.

Both deputies were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries received during the struggle.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Texas Rangers and the District Attorney’s Office are investigating.

The deputies will be placed on mandatory administrative leave for at least three days which is standard procedure for deputies involved in a deadly encounter.
The two Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies involved are:
Deputy Margarito Rosales Jr 33 years old April 2009 date of hire
Deputy David Borchardt 34 years old January 2010 date of hire
Matthew Rife was shot three times by Deputy Rosales during a violent struggle with the deputies. The gunshot wound was in the abdomen, one gunshot wound was in the chest and one was in the wrist.
When the investigation is complete, all case facts will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review and presentation to a Grand Jury.

Suspect: Matthew Wayne Rife w/m 26 YOA 8-9-83

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