breaking news-officials seize hundreds of dogs at willis rescue

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Tim Holifield, who is over Montgomery County Animal Control, headed up the rescue of 298 dogs from a facility on Calvary Road in North Montgomery County on Tuesday, assisted by the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s Office, and the Humane Society of the United States. The hundreds of dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were allegedly kept in inhumane conditions, with several needing immediate emergency veterinary attention. Ironically, the location where the warrant was executed touted itself as a “dog rescue.”

The operation began with a warrant service early Tuesday and the removal took until around 6 a.m. Wednesday. After meeting with the owner and checking the property, it was determined that all of the dogs should be seized due to their living conditions.

After seeing the enormous size of the task at hand, local officials called on the Humane Society of the United States for help. The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization, backed by 11 million Americans.

Katie Jarl, HSUS Texas State Director, called the “dog rescue” a “large scale hoarding situation,” and called conditions “absolutely deplorable.”

“We came on-scene today and found conditions were absolutely horrible,” Jarl said. “Many (of the dogs) were living in cramped, stacked cages without access to clean water, veterinary care, and certainly without access to any outdoor enrichment.”

Jarl said many of the kennels and cages were so small the dogs were unable to stand or turn around and were lying in their own waste, trapped there for 23 to 24 hours per day without access to food. Inside the two-story house, one of five buildings on the property, investigators found around 80 more dogs in the same conditions. The smell was said to be so strong and foul that even seasoned investigators had to step out of the rooms to take a breath.

Constable Holifield said the investigation resulting in the massive seizure was the result of complaints lodged by former volunteers and workers, particularly an allegation that many dogs were recently lost due to heat and were buried in a mass grave on the property. As of this writing, that allegation has not been proven or disproven, with the focus being on rescuing the live dogs on location.

The Constable said the veterinarians investigating the animals’ conditions found many reasons for alarm, including malnourished, emaciated animals, and some with urine scalded feet from being unable to step out of their own waste in their undersized cages. One dog’s feet were so scalded it was laying on its back in its own urine in feces, presumably to take the pain off of its feet, he said.

“Several showed signs of recently giving birth,” Holifield said. “We don’t know where the puppies are – we’ll continue to evaluate that also.”

The dogs were individually crated and removed, with the operation still going into the early morning hours of Wednesday. They were transported to an undisclosed location. HSUS will bring in temperament testing volunteers from Texas A&M University Veterinary School of Medicine and veterinarians from across the state are giving of their own time to evaluate the animals and determine their medical needs, if any, Holifield said. After evaluation the animals must be held until a seizure hearing can take place before a Judge.Holifield and Jarl said they hope most of the dogs can eventually be adopted.

Holifield said the District Attorney will have the final review of evidence collected and determine what, if any, charges will be pursued.

Holifield said Wednesday the evaluation process was underway, enhancing the animals’ abilities for rehabilitation and to accurately portray to the court the condition of the animals with veterinary analysis of their weight, skin, hair and nail condition, as well as other factors.

The Constable said since the story broke calls have been coming in from across the country, as far away as New Jersey. People sent animals to the facility believing it was a boarding facility that cared for a breed that many would like to see become extinct.

“Many felt stood greater chance at survival through this rescue organization, only to find out that they have been removed because of deplorable conditions,” he said.

People paid money for boarding of the animals or relinquished them for long-term care and now want to know about reclaiming their dogs, which will be up to a judge. Holifield said proof of ownership will be needed, which can include veterinary records, photos or microchips.

The hearing will take place in the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Court at 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Constable Holifield said he would prefer those interested in claiming their animals fax or send documents/information to his office in advance to allow for preparation of the documents prior to going before the judge and so they can confirm the dog is among those seized.

Holifield said he hopes the dogs are awarded to an organization that has the ability to care for animals of this breed and will help them to get adopted and find forever homes.





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  1. bobbyd

    Wow,I’m never disappointed in “people”!!… MORE comments about Animals than the MURDER VICTIMS involved in the I~45 Head~ons… UNFRICKIN BELIEVABLE!!

  2. luvmybullee

    I have to agree with the other users on about HSUS,PETA, and so on, could tell inside horror stories about these organizations!!! They are not what they want the “general” public to think they are. But regardless this is a horrifying story that unfortunatly happens much to often all over the united states…I pray these animals are safe and will be recovered, and hope the courts don’t drag this out the sooner they go to court the sooner these dogs can find safe and happy homes!!! I do think the press is a good way to exspose these type of places and hope they continue to update this story!!!!! Being very experienced in the breed I speak to people about owning one (responsibilty, training,and care) and most of all when they talk about wanting to breed their dog!!! That really gets me going!!! so then I bring up the puppy lemon law, here in florida our law is very tough on breeders and that many times makes them stop and think!!!!!

  3. Robyn Texas

    Anyone on here an actual rescuer? Anyone here walked the walk and talked the talk? Some of you have and I absolutly salute you. For you others, how many of ya’ll have adopted a hard to place, older, sick Pit Bull; one you pulled off the street? Took from a kill Shelter? Found tied to a tire in an empty lot? Walk in Leah Purcell’s shoes a little while; do not judge her!!

    As for her dogs who all died, she had an electricity outage; in the middle of a heat wave. Bad times.

  4. Crazyottojr

    4theDogs, thank you for a articulate and reasonable response. I admit I was angry yesterday and much of my anger was focused on Leah. I had some dealings with her and almost put a dog in Spindletop.. Anyway she was extremely frustrating to deal with and always seemed to have an excuse or conveniently out of town. Anyone who says that she was only trying to help or that she just couldn’t say no is missing the point. If you take in more dogs than you have resources to handle all the dogs suffer. So does it make sense to take on more dogs knowing full well that in doing so none will receive proper care? If you can believe Constable Holifield, who seems to be a decent guy, these people were living in filth along with the dogs. Wow it blows my mind that not just one but several people were complicit in this hoarding and neglect. I can’t help but think there was more than just a little money motivation in continuing to take dogs in at the $750 rate.

    I am not a fan of big animal organizations like the HSPCA, HSUS because they seem to kill more than they save and are rather selective in who they save… but that is for another time. in this case who else would have stepped up? Clearly Leah was not going to stop taking dogs in. The hottest part of the year is fast on us. Action had to be taken. Your comment is right on when you say learning to say “No” will go along way to ensure we don’t have more problems like this..It is hard though I can’t always just walk on by a dog that is hurt, hungry or in some kind of need.

  5. beaks

    if you look at the video it does not show this place to be a bad place. i suggest those of you that have left there animals there to go and check up on the place yourselves.

  6. Mary62955

    This is an issue with HSUS who does not do anything to help rescues or local shelters. They go into rescues take pictures and vidoes so people will give them more money.

    No this person shouldn’t have had 300 dogs. But how many of the people who dumped dogs on her asked to see the place. Apparently none of them. Would you adopt to someone who wouldn’t let you check out their home? To those of you who will say I heard she was good, this is still no excuse. If you weren’t close why didn’t get someone you know to go in and check her out? The dogs placed there you by are your responsibility weather it be boarding rescue dogs or dogs dumped there. Perhaps if there was as much time spent on checking the place out as there us now on here and facebook jumping on the “lets get her and she should rot in hell bandwagon” these dogs wouldn’t be in this situation with an organization like HSUS who’s reputation is at best ify with Pit Bulls.

    Why didn’t HSUS contact people who were boarding dogs there instead of taking all of these dogs off and stressing them more? Because they wouldn’t have been able to say they took 300 dogs.

    Why didn’t HSUS try to help her try to get out from under the hardship of 300 dogs by contacting other rescues and people to help take these dogs? Again it would not have been a media event then.

    Those of you now who sit in judgement of this person and dumped dogs on her should know better then anyone else how hard it is to say NO. Yes she should have said no at some point. But I can tell you there are days when I just feel so depressed from reading the emails and listening to people beg on the phone that I just don’t feel like I can keep going. Because we just can’t do any more at the time these people are asking. I know our director won’t answer the phone any more unless she recognizes the number. She also deletes a lot of email before opening it it is the only way she said she can stay sane.

  7. [email protected]

    People are asking how they can get their dog back or get a dog they surrendered to Spindletop. READ THE ARTICLE, it tells you precisely what you have to do before tomorrow when the authorities go to court. Doesn’t anybody read or listen?

  8. 4theDogs

    You people have got to be kidding me. This is not about HSUS this is about the dog who suffered in the care of a “rescue” that we trusted. I have seen posts about it being a conspiracy and when rescue reach out for help that the are raided. The issue is that many rescues keep their doors so tightly closed because they know what is going on is wrong so when they finally ask for help, things are too far gone. By opening their door someone is able to have a voice for these poor helpless animals.

    FACT: 38 dogs recently died at Spindeltop after the electricity when out in one of their buildings. The bodies were disposed of in a massive hole in the ground. This is the straw that broke the camels back and got animal control the green light to pay them a visit.
    *IF they were taking care of the animals then at some point in the day when the electricity shut off in the closed metal building they would have been able to open the doors and move them to safety. It takes hours for a dog to die from heat exhaustion.

    FACT: TX does not have any laws governing the animal to human care ratio.
    *Does it not make sense to have X amount of people caring for X amount of animals to ensure their safety and well being. Too many times well meaning rescues get in over their heads and if someone was actually keeping track of the human to animal ratio, that would save everyone a lot of pain and suffering

    FACT: Rescues control their intake, meaning that Spindeltop CHOSE to take in 336 (298 + the 38 that recently died in their “care”).
    *At what point is it everyone else’s responsibility to take care of “rescues” who are not able to take care of themselves. In order to be an efficient/effective rescue, intake has to be able to say NO. If they cannot say no then it’s no longer rescue… it is now hoarding.

    FACT: Leah, the founder of Spindeltop, has been scamming people for money for a year know what I know of first hand. She makes up elaborate stories to con rescues into “loaning” her money only to fall off the face of the earth when payback is requested as promised.
    *I know of two people this happened to in the last year.

    FACT: We sent three pits to Spindeltop in 2010 totaling $2,100 of intake fees. We requested updates and pics for a year and never received ONE pic from her and only one email about their care the week they arrived.

    This is NOT the work of a reputable rescue group. She pulled the wool over all of our eyes. We trusted her to care for the animals that were placed in her care with the understanding that she would be able to do the training and networking that these animals needed. You really think HSUS should have come in and handed them money hand over fist to fix the problem that they crated by not being able to say these three words…”Intake is Closed.”

    I am not advocating HSUS, that is a separate issue. This is about Spindeltop and the fact that the animals were in such deplorable conditions that the few vans they originally brought were not enough to uncover the mess that Leah created. Have you ever been involved in a hoarding or rescue gone bad situation? Do you know HOW bad it has to be for them to shut them down? Until you go through this process you will not truly understand the gravity of the situation and that the animals had to be in the worst conditions for HSUS to have stepped in to seize the dogs.

    People say why are they not showing worse pics? This JUST happened and ended at 6AM today! It goes to court on Friday at which point you can all gaze over countless pages/pics of dogs suffering.

    It’s about the dogs people and until people in rescue can understand that there are worse places then dead, this type of situation is going to continue to happen. Learn the word NO and we wont have to keep cleaning up these Hoarding messes.

    Thank you HSUS for stepping up to help get these animals out of their “care.” The community part starts now…lets work together to get them to safety.

  9. agmom04

    When are people going to understand that if you “save” dogs you are not really a rescue if you subject them to the same terrible conditions, or worse, that they came from. This is a case of hoarding, not rescue! Throw the book at ’em or get ’em a shrink or both!

  10. doug williams

    1. “Jarl said many of the kennels and cages were so small the dogs were unable to stand or turn around and were lying in their own waste, trapped there for 23 to 24 hours per day without access to food”
    I wonder how she knows this.. was she there 24 hours a day.. or is this hearsay? or just speculation.. one thing for sure is that most of these dogs will be killed.. The HSUS has a reputation for killing all pit bulls
    The HSUS is not an animal”protection ” group. it is an animal RIGHTS group as for 11 million Americans. PLEASE .. my mother has been dead for five years .. they are still sending her tons of junk mail thanking her for “being a member”.. I see that as how the Chicago tugs counted votes..
    instead of removing the animals .. how about HELPING the people and letting them have the crates and food..and provide some vet care.. monitor the situation.oh wait.. that does not bring in any money in donations does it?. What I saw was a bunch a jack booted do gooders trampling people rights. The dogs were taken away IN CRATES.. none of them on the video or photos looked in bad shape.. most of them looked terrified.. and as they should ,,most of them will be “evaluated” by the HSUS and then killed.. modus operandi..
    want to bet these people will be charged and when they cannot pay the huge bills that will be submitted they will lose their property both the dogs and their REAL property.
    They were trying to do the right thing.. they needed help.. instead they got their dogs taken from them pathetic

  11. copeland

    Read some of the posts on this organization on they were taking $750 for 3 months of care per dog from many people…and there were issues over the $ as well as the obvious issue of how crowded they were with all these poor animals and the unfit care they were giving! Glad these animals have been removed and they’ve been put out of business!! BUT how long before they relocate and start up again!!??

  12. SpayNeuterAdvocate

    Good grief! The hate bloggers are out in full force–NOT against Spindletop’s mistreatment of dogs and donations (this is really being questioned & some bloggers want “proof”?So this is a conspiracy by the City, the County, the State for poor Spindletop for well treated animals?!) BUT the rescuers are now attacked! This is too bizarre for words. On top of that, Peta is attacked& NOT mentioned to be a part of the raid. On top of all that, HSUS is said by a couple commenters here, thatthey they don’t spend money on animals or shelters but campaigns against “pet ownership.” First, there are NO campaigns against “pet ownership”–get the proof (& talk about not trusting–I trust humane organizations that have proven to save & improve lives–not those in the animal “use” industry & their representatives like Rick Berman(google him, please) And secondly, you cannot look at a dog in a cage and say they’re not aggressive,etc. And further, you cannot say that HSUS will put them down, when HSUS is NOT “putting them down”–Animal Farm is handling evaluations as the FACTS say. And as for–Hello-Is anybody out there that researches? This is an organization, tied in with breeders (AKC/RPOA) and animal “users”–NAIA (researchers/fur farmers/experimenters/pig farmers/hunters), etc. I guess people should learn (and it’s easy to find out) that Humane Watch/NAIA/AKC, etc., are all affiliated with fighting humane legislation, fighting HSUS and fighting peta. Any donations there go to shelters (as they talk about HSUS)? HSUS is not a shelter-it’s a humane organization looking for humane treatment of animals around the world. They are NOT into “ending pet ownership.” This is a myth the animal “users” had to come up with to combat anything positive HSUS does.

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  15. jiffer43

    I have spoken with Montgomery County Animal Control and the Justice of the Peace Precint 2, which is in charge of the dogs. They gave me the following information:

    To claim your dog, you are to be at the below location on Friday July 20th, at 10:30am. You will need receipts from paying for the boarding and if they have pictures of course that’s a good idea and vaccine records.
    Justice of the Peace Precinct 2
    2241 North 1st Street Conroe, Texas 77301
    Phone: 936-538-3788 Fax: 936-538-7732

    Any further questions, you may contact [email protected] with JP Pct 2.

    Good luck everyone. I will be out there looking for my rescue as well.

  16. MPaul

    I am disappointed to see the HSUS involved in this case rather than the ASPCA. “Unlike most seizures in the past in Montgomery County where the SPCA was called in a decision was made to call the United States Humane Society. The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization, backed by 11 million Americans.” Many of you might not know that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) masquerades to be an animal protection organization, but very little of the money they take in through donations is actually spent on animals or shelters. Rather it goes to fund their campaigns against pet ownership. Please check out this site to become more informed on this deceptive organization.

  17. RAAR

    I saw this post from Bad Rap on Facebook and thought it might be helpful for those trying to locate dogs:

    Bad Rap: Some very sad news. Yesterday, 300+ dogs who were suffering from poor conditions had to be removed from ‘Spindletop Refuge,’ a sanctuary in Willis, Texas by Montgomery County officials and the Humane Society of the United States. Many but not all of the dogs were pit bulls who were originally sent to Spindletop by individuals and organizations around the country. If you are one of those orgs, please send photos of your dog(s) to Animal Farm Foundation so they can be matched with dogs on site and attempts can be made to return them to you.

    We are grateful to AFF for taking on this huge task and to the HSUS and local authorities for working to ensure the well being of the dogs. Animals shelters and the pit bull rescue community will be called on to absorb unclaimed dogs once they are cleared to be released at a later date. These situations take some time to unravel, so please sit tight (BREATHE!) while the team on the ground organizes the many details of helping the dogs and sorting them out.

    BAD RAP will be assisting where possible, so if you’ve been one of our foster homes in the past, please consider fostering again. Again, Animal Farm Foundation will be the KEY clearinghouse for matching dogs to their former owners, so please send any photos you may have to: [email protected]

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  19. holli

    You can contact Animal Farm Foundation to check on animals.
    “Animal Farm Foundation is assisting with the alleged hoarding case at Spindletop Refuge in Montgomery County, Texas. The property was raided yesterday and conditions for the 300+ dogs kept there were determined to be unsafe, despite the refuge’s efforts to adequately provide for the dogs’ health, well-being, and basic necessities. Right now local authorities in Texas are working alongside the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and veterinarians to remove each dog from the property, transfer them to a safe location, and provide the emergency medical attention that many of them desperately needed. We share HSUS’s goal of ensuring the best possible outcome for each of the dogs, and we’re grateful that HSUS stepped up to oversee a humane and just outcome for all of these dogs. Once the dogs have been triaged at an undisclosed safe location, Animal Farm Foundation will work with HSUS to individually evaluate each dog for rescue or adoption placement.

    We understand that many individuals, shelters, and rescue groups have transferred dogs to Spindletop Refuge and will want to know the status of those dogs and learn how to retrieve them, if possible. Animal Farm Foundation will be coordinating those efforts and will make that information available as soon as possible. A court hearing will take place soon, at which point we expect to have more details. You can also contact us any time at [email protected]. If you are interested in opening up your agency or rescue to any of these dogs or if you are looking for a dog who was sent to Spindletop Refuge please contact us at [email protected]. The dogs are depending on all of us to be their voice, so thank you to all the groups who are collaborating to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved.

  20. patteel

    The dogs in the pictures and video look fine. None appeared aggressive. I bet the HSUS will “find” many to be aggressive and kill them. That is what they like to do. I wouldn’t trust HSUS or PETA with a barn rat. HSUS will not take care of these dogs, they will hand them off to other rescues without a dime for their care.

  21. amccalvin

    For those of you looking for your animals, or trying to reclaim your animals. Per Animal Farm Foundation:

    We understand that many individuals, shelters, and rescue groups have transferred dogs to Spindletop Refuge and will want to know the status of those dogs and learn how to retrieve them, if possible. Animal Farm Foundation will be coordinating those efforts and will make that information available as soon as possible. A court hearing will take place soon, at which point we expect to have more details. You can also contact us any time at [email protected]

  22. m.c.mason

    @ uncachelle:
    We just paid that too to take our foster dog Bella there three weeks ago b/c she and our dog were fighting constantly. Needless to say I now feel like we paid to have her treated like trash and possibly killed due to neglect. I am sick about it and have started this page to help get us all together and try to find our babies:!/VictimsOfSpindeltopRaid

  23. LC Radcliffe

    Animal Farm just posted this on their FB – info on how to find out about animals you may be looking for:

    We understand that many individuals, shelters, and rescue groups have transferred dogs to Spindletop Refuge and will want to know the status of those dogs and learn how to retrieve them, if possible. Animal Farm Foundation will be coordinating those efforts and will make that information available as soon as possible. A court hearing will take place soon, at which point we expect to have more details. You can also contact us any time at [email protected].

    If you are interested in opening up your agency or rescue to any of these dogs or if you are looking for a dog who was sent to Spindletop Refuge please contact us at [email protected]. The dogs are depending on all of us to be their voice, so thank you to all the groups who are collaborating to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved.

  24. Kash

    I find it very biased to be interviewing HSUS when their past history with pits and PETA’s past histoy with animals in general is poor. They need to post pics of all the dogs with any type of info on the dogs on a website so people can look to see if their dog is there. Why not interview the owner of Spindletop? If dogs were stacked on top of one another, why not show those pics? I do not trust any of this until I see it myself and hear interviews that are not biased. Hearing both sides will allow all of us to make an informed decision as to what has happened here.

  25. Elizabethc

    I’m not sure where anyone got the idea that PETA is involved, as they don’t state that anywhere in the article, or in any other information I’ve read. Animal Farm Foundation is assisting the Humane Society in medically evaluating the dogs. This is a HUGE undertaking, and that is why the Humane Society is involved. I can’t imagine a local rescue in that area having the wherewithal to handle medically evaluating 300 dogs. I have my issues with HSUS BUT in this kind of case they have the resources and manpower to be able to handle things quickly. AFF is an amazing pit bull advocacy group and the fact that they are involved is really, REALLY a good thing for those dogs…they are very savvy and knowledgeable. AFF has asked anyone with dogs at Spindletop to contact them.

  26. belfour4

    This is MY dog, 5th down on the right. Driver. I have some contact information for those of you who are looking for your animals. Constable Holifield who is over Montgomery County Animal Control, assisted by Precinct 4 Constables. Constable Tim Holifield

    1520 Lake Front Circle, Suite 200
    The Woodlands, Texas 77380

    281-364-4211 The Woodlands Phone

    936-539-7813 Conroe Phone
    Fax: 281-465-3504

    Folks PLEASE dont call unless you are looking for your pet or rescue. Their lines will be tied up as it is..

  27. eshaleon

    My babygirl Lola was sent to Spindletop in February 2012. Her picture is above. I want and need to get her back. I rescued her off the side of the road in last summers heatwave and kept her up until her and my other pit bull started fighting. I asked Leah to train her and either adopt her out or give her back to me if they could get along. Im sure my dogs still wont get along but keeping them separate is better than the conditions she was in at this horrific place. If anyone knows how I can get my baby back or knows of a home for her, I would appreciate an email. She is a wonderfully loving and affectionate dog. She was housetrained. I would even be willing to pay for all her expenses. Please all help or infomation is appreciated.

    She is the dog in the pictures above, 10th rown down left picture.

    Iiesha Leon
    [email protected]

  28. ppowell_48

    A deaf dane white with blue marking was sent to spindle top for training 25 dAys ago. A large kennel on wheels was sent along with her. Her ears were fixed, fully vetted . How can I find where she might be?

  29. misssue23

    This was posted on Animal Farm Foundation’s facebook page regarding anyone looking for a dog that was sent to Spindletop.

    We understand that many individuals, shelters, and rescue groups have transferred dogs to Spindletop Refuge and will want to know the status of those dogs and learn how to retrieve them, if possible. Animal Farm Foundation will be coordinating those efforts and will make that information available as soon as possible. A court hearing will take place soon, at which point we expect to have more details. You can also contact us any time at [email protected].

  30. jemster

    Some actually CALLED the HSUS?!?! Oh my god. No wonder HSUS jumped all over word…publicity. I’ll donate to Tia’s rescue. She at least does good work for actual animals.

  31. Mary62955

    Everyone has plenty of reason to worry. Both organizaations have a history of not supporting Pit Bulls. The people that send HSUS money every month gave them the power. Look at the pictures of these dogs do aany of them look unfed or for that matter sickly? Yes this rescue got into trouble and over their heads by taking to many dogs. And now they are paying dearly

  32. kimbunni

    I took a dog there only 3 weeks ago and want to get her!I have a receipt for $750 as well. I have photos of Sweetie that the Owner was supposed to be keeping in her house since she was so scared.OMG!My heart is breaking..I want to get her. She is only about a yr old. The owner seemed very genuine when I met her.

  33. dog reason

    HSUS is NOT an animal protection group. They wanted to kill all of Vick’s dogs, but advertised to get donations. The same with Hurricane Katrina, they advertised for donations, but Louisiana had to threaten to sue them to even get a penny. Louisiana got a fraction of the millions donated. HSUS does not have 11 million members. That is the number of mail outs they send with your donated $$$. Their real membership is ccloser to 500,000. HSUS is a factory fundraiser that line their pockets by exploiting animals and humans. I sure hope they are kicked out of Texas. Stop thm.

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  35. cinceline

    @ Debbie77303 – Tia has made a public statement that she’s overwhelmed in New Orleans and if the donations don’t start coming in for her rescue and a year’s time she could be closing. This is a problem for all rescues large and small, across the nation and around the world. If rescues would come together and build a stronger rescue community, SHIT like this wouldn’t happen. A stronger community isn’t about protesting animal rights, it’s about supporting each other. Helping each other out. There are large rescues pulling in millions of dollars a year and struggling, and yet smaller rescues who can survive under the red line.
    Larger rescues throwing out pet food before they get inspected/visited by the pet food company so it looks like they need help. How about throwing that food down to a shelter or small rescue.
    Storage areas full of kennels, toys, bedding, etc. But yet, that same group is turning dogs away.

    Saw a little girl donate blankets to the SPCA. She had a birthday party and instead gifts asked her friends to bring blankets or towels for the animals. If she walked into the back where the animals are held, she would see no animal gets a blanket nor would a towel be used to dry an animal after a bath. Can only assume what happened to the donation.

    It’s time the Rescue Community steps up and stops PETA, HSUS from seizing animals. Get the word out, let the real rescuers handler the operation isn’t of $$$ hungry non-rescues. And can someone please explain to me who gave this groups the power and right to do this?

  36. uncachelle

    I rescued ‘Sophocles’ from San Antonio ACS and placed him at Spindletop for evaluation, training, etc., April 2012.
    06 July 12, I transported ‘Peter’, [who had been rescued by a Facebook group], to Spindletop.
    $750.00 was paid for each ‘pittie’. Sophocles was heartworm positive. An additional amount of $400.00 was paid for treatment, in addition to $75.00 for a kennel / crate.
    ‘Ben’, a black / gray cat rescued from a hoarder, was also transported in July 12 at Leah Purcell’s request as a ‘barn cat’.

    I am overwrought with guilt and concern. At the earliest possible date, I will drive from Austin to re-rescue these 3 babies.

  37. Debbie77303

    I am hopeing they can adopt a lot of the dogs out..Its is not the dogs fault they was put in that place…Just do not kill them because they are Pits….Maybe some one needs to call Tia Torres of Pit bulls and Parolees Get in touch with Tia Torres and the Villalobos Rescue Center by e-mail at [email protected]. Maybe she can help save some of the dogs… Thanks

  38. Brother Bob

    How goofy is the DART Van? Did they really need the emergency equipment rolling up on 300 plus scared dogs? Looks like some gung ho Joey rookie moves to me. Hats off to everyone including the jedi DART masters for stepping up and helping the animals.

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