After several high-ranking officials have left the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Henderson has promoted several very good and well trained people to take their place. Captain Allison Allen will be transferring to the Executive Division and will also be over Communications.











Allison Allen currently serves as Captain of The Woodlands Township Patrol Division with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Corrections from Sam Houston State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law. She holds Master Peace Officer and Instructor Proficiency Certifications, among others. After graduation from South Texas and passing the bar exam, Allen practiced law for 10 years in the Houston area and remains a licensed attorney. In 1995, she was fortunate to be in a position to enter the profession for which she is still feels a passion and calling; Law Enforcement. Allen’s law enforcement career began in late 1995 as a civilian Detention Officer for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. After attending the full-time Law Enforcement Academy during the day, and working full time on the night shift, she graduated, received her commission and went to work in The Woodlands as a Patrol Deputy. In the 20 years since, Allen has served MCSO and the community in several capacities including Field Training Officer, Honor Guard, Crisis Negotiator, Crime Scene Investigator, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Communications Lieutenant, Patrol Lieutenant and Patrol Captain.










Lieutenant Tim Holifield will be taking over Captain Allen’s position as Captain for the Woodlands Patrol Division. Holifield who is currently the Lieutenant in the West Patrol area in Magnolia and is the former Constable in Precinct 3 which encompassed The Woodlands from the time he was elected in 1997 until he retired in 2012 . Montgomery County Commissioners then gave him the assignment to take over the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Constable Holifield came under the lights with the raid of the Spindletop Refuge in Willis where 298 dogs were seized. He spent almost every day at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds working with Animal Farm, Red Rover and the United States Humane Society to find the owners of the dogs. Almost 100 were returned to owners. Before becoming Constable, he was with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office working with the auto theft task force.











Captain Melvin Franklin is assigned to the West Patrol District and holds Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services/Administration of Justice. Additionally, Captain Franklin is a graduate of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas – Leadership Command College. Captain Franklin is a Master Peace Office, Master Jailer and a recipient of the Academic Recognition Award. During his tenure with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, beginning in 1988, Captain Franklin held several positions including; Jail Deputy, Patrol Deputy, Detective, Internal Affairs Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, and Detective Lieutenant. As a Detective, Captain Franklin was involved in multiple high-profile investigations leading to many years of prison time for convicted offenders and, on a few cases, death penalty sentences. Recognized for his aviation experience, Captain Franklin was selected to be part of the unmanned aircraft unit that was being pioneered at the time. Captain Franklin worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration regarding governing rules and authorizations for the program. As a result, he and his program associate were often contacted from agencies around the United States asking for assistance in starting UAV Units. Over the span of Captain Franklin’s 29-year career, he has been honored to receive numerous commendations from both citizens and commanders praising his work product, integrity and ethics

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