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Details are still sketchy. However, according to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Investigators were called to a shooting approximately 815am Easter Sunday. The location was at the intersection of Gooseberry and Wisp in the Summer Hills Subdivision. Enroute deputies were advised of another location on Sorters Road just North of the Kingwood College Campus. At this location a wrecker driver Aubry LaBuff found a black Chevrolet Avalanche parked on the side of the road. He advised deputies that two or three Hispanic males fled the scene on foot into the woods.
Inside they found a Hispanic male who was dead on the scene of apparent gunshots and a female who was transported to BenTaub in critical condition with gunshots. They were identified as Jorge Alberto Chavana-Castillo, 55, the deceased and his wife Orfelia Chavana, who was struck twice in the upper torso. Both lived on Wisp Ct.
Based on eyewitness accounts, Bucks said it appeared that two, “possibly three” Hispanic males in a Mitsubishi Montero SUV approached the Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Chavana-Castillo and opened fire with at least one weapon.
“We believe two weapons were discharged, but we are not certain if both were used by the (assailants) or one was used by one of the victims,” Bucks said. From preliminary reports, an SUV and the Avalanche were near the intersection of Gooseberry and Wisp and shots were fired at the Avalanche. The other SUV somehow became disabled in the ditch.. The suspects then jumped into the Avalanche and fled. A flat tire then forced them to pull over on the Sorters Road location. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Department, Houston Police Department, and the Texas Rangers remained on both scenes most of the day as Sorters Road was closed. Early on Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Juan Chapa was called upon to assist law enforcement with translation. Judge James Metts ordered the body of the deceased to be transported to the Southeast Forensic Center by Clarence Lewis & Son Mortuary.




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