8:00 P.M. UPDATE- Both Deputies Rex Evans, age 40 and Jeremy Marcantel age 32 are safe and home tonight. Both were hit by buckshot from a 12 gauge shotgun after answering a disturbance call in the Woodland Hills Subdivision early this morning. Marcantel was hit in the chest and upper lip. Evans suffered a pellet wound to the hand and one just above the eye. Both are reporting hearing problems from the close proximity of the shooting.

Ricky Juneau age 45 was found near where he fired the shots from in the rear of the house behind a boat on County Road 6474. Justice of the Peace Glenn Pruitt pronounced Juneau as deceased just after noon. It appears he died of a single gunshot wound which apparently was self inflicted as his finger was still on the trigger. An autopsy will determine if the cause of death is self inflicted or if he may have been hit by the rounds fired by deputies. As Juneau started shooting deputies emptied at least two clips of bullets in his direction and then were able to return to there vehicle and retrieve an AR-15 and return additional fire. They then were able to get into their vehicle and retreat as they waited for medical attention.
Lifeflight and PHI were both called but unable to fly due to heavy fog. The US Coast Guard had an estimated 45 minute ETA so it was determined to transport both to Hermann Hospital at the Texas Medical Center by ground

Juneau who lived in a travel trailer behind his sister Betty Luke who was home at the time of the shooting. Juneau’s niece Kim explained that Juneau did have medical issues and had been on pain killers. She went on to say Workman’s Comp would not pay for his needed surgeries after he fell on a construction site in 2006.

Texas Rangers and DPS arrived on the scene shortly after Baytown SWAT found the body and started their investigation. A DPS helicopter was called in to photograph the scene from the air.

DPS Troopers from Conroe were called in to map the entire scene using a new device purchased by Montgomery County District Attorney Bret Ligon. The Total Station is like a surveyors instrument which enables troopers to plot each individual point of importance and then produce a extremely accurate sketch. Prior to this instrument Troopers were forced to close roads for long periods of time to use actual measuring tapes and pencil and paper to document the scene. The other option was to wait for an investigative team from Hempstead to bring their equipment down.

There is no motive for the shooting other than Juneau was upset because a family member would nott drive him to Louisiana this morning to retrieve a vehicle.

2:00 P.M. UPDATE-Liberty County officials along with the Texas Rangers and DPS remain on the scene just outside Dayton. It is now confirmed the shooter, Ricky Juneau, age 45 was found dead outside the residence. It is unknown as to if it is self inflicted or shot by one of the deputies. It appears that Deputy Rex Evans was able to get several shots off as they retreated. Evans has been treated and released Marcantel is now said to be still at the hospital being held for observation.
We are waiting for another update shortly from DPS.

10:00 AM UPDATE-Hugh Bishop with Liberty Police Department and acting PIO for the sheriffs office just advised the scene is now secure. The suspect has been found dead in his home. It is unknown what caused his death at this time, self inflicted shot or from a deputy this morning.
Texas Ranger Lt. Kevin Pullen has advised a DPS shoot team is enroute to the scene as is the DPS PIO from Conroe. A DPS helicopter just arrived on scene.
The two deputies are reported to be doing ok. Rex Evans is being released and Jeremy Marcantel may be going into surgery with fragments in his hand.

6:00 A.M.—A little after 5am Liberty County deputies were dispatched to a subdivision just north of Dayton on a shots fired disturbance. When they arrived in the area both were shot. It is believed both had vests and suffered mostly shrapnel injuries to the neck, face and side. Due to fog PHI and Lifeflight were unable to respond, the Coast Guard had a 45 minute ETA so it was determined to transport them by Liberty County EMS ground units.
At this time the gunman is still held up in the woods, a perimeter has been set up and Baytown SWAT has moved in. Also assisting is TDCJ with their dogs.


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