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Just after 3 p.m. Monday afternoon a major accident was reported on US 59 Northbound at Ipes Road. This area is within the construction zone and just north of where the freeway narrows from three lanes to two lanes. First units on the scene reported three commercial vehicles involved in the accident with one fatality.
US 59 was then closed until a little after 8p.m. causing havoc during the rush hour traffic. All traffic was diverted to the northbound feeder and Splendora Police officers took positions up at traffic lights to assist the flow of traffic.
According to DPS Trooper Martin, Charles Jones an 18-wheeler driver was in the right lane, Jose Gonzalez, age 32 was driving his 18 wheeler in the right lane.
Just as they entered the construction zone traffic slowed. John DeLoach, age 33, of Longview was driving a one-ton Dodge truck pulling a gooseneck approached at a high rate of speed.
Unable to slow he attempted to go to the right of Jones truck and struck the Gonzalez truck. At this point he was pushed back and under Jones truck tearing the roof off DeLoaches truck killing him instantly.


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