LIBERTY COUNTY – Police confirmed moments ago that searchers have found the remains of missing toddler Devin Davis in a scum covered pond about 300 yards from the home where his family was staying.

The search was called off about a half hour earlier and the helicopters were making one final pass over the area, around 2 p.m., before leaving when they saw what they believed to be a small body in the water, not too far from the home. The water has a pier leading into it.

The area was immediately cleared of all non-essential persons while the recovery was made.

Law enforcement informed the parents around 2:30 p.m.

MCPR was on-scene at the time of the recovery. Additional details and video will be posted soon.

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  1. clh2691

    How in the world did this get missed so close to the house (300) yards from the home? I saw on the news searchers shoulder to shoulder in the water looking for Devin, was this the same body of water? So sad for all involved.

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