Thursday night about 6:05 pm the Plum Grove Fire Department had their truck parked behind the fire station on FM 1010 at FM 2090. Several shots were heard but nothing was seen. As they went to put the truck back in the station several hours later a bullet hole was found in the windshield. On the ground next to the truck was a .40 caliber bullet that matched the imprint in the windshield. The reason the truck was parked outside was last night the volunteer members were having a family dinner with several children present. Lone Star Equipment contacted Chief Loftin this morning and will be replacing the glass at no cost to the department.
If you have any information regarding this, or Security Camera Footage on the FM 2090 AND FM 1010 area please Email Christopher Loftin @ [email protected], or Contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office 936-336-4500 Option 0

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  1. res

    Hmm. What changed Plum Grove for the worse in the last few years? My guess would be the thousands of illegals funneled into the Colonies back there. I can tell you first hand that there is an unreal amount of gunfire from the “colonias” Just another example of the burden and diminishment of public safety placed on the tax paying, lawful citizens of the area.

    Didn’t Roman Forest have a stray bullet go through the hood of a police car a few years back? King’s Colony, no doubt. And the shooting is just the tip of the iceberg. way past time for our officials to start addressing the problem.

  2. Michael

    Shooting all the time out and around Plum Grove now-a-days. I heard shots being fired repeatedly Thursday evening about that same time, but they were coming from south of the half-built City Hall building I’m guessing from MonteBello or Grand San Jacinto Colonias I could not tell which. Drunks mostly with too much ammo on hand, emptying entire clip after clip as fast as they can pull the trigger….. it’s a nightmare waiting to happen! Oh wait, but they’ve already had people get killed out here from all this illegal gunfire going on at least 2 that I can recall! :-\

    Of course the Liberty County Sherrif’s deputies always tell us it’s “just fireworks” and they do nothing about it…. does that look like a firework to YOU I ask? Come’on, tell me it was just fireworks yet again!!!

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