Bungling burglars behind bars

They illegally entered the United States without getting caught, but things did not go so well when they broke into a Conroe business early Monday. In fact, they will probably be near the top of this year’s “dumbest criminals” list.

It was around 2 a.m. when an alarm company sent Conroe Police to Camillo’s Fine Jewelry in the 2100 block of W. Davis St. where officers went to the front and rear of the business, which is in a strip shopping center.

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As the officers began to check the back of the building, two men ran from the rear of the jewelry store. The officers chased and quickly caught and arrested them.

CPD Sgt. Berry said the pair used a ladder to get on top of the building where they gained access to the jewelry store by cutting a hole in the roof and dropping down into the office area. They were unable to break into the safe.

The owners were on vacation, as announced by signs posted around the business well before Christmas. With the store closed for a couple of weeks, all of the showcases were empty, so there was no jewelry to grab on their way out as police arrived because of the alarm system that was not deactivated.

Conroe Police also captured a third man, hiding in the edge of the woods behind the building. Berry said he is believed to be cast as “the lookout” in this comedy of errors, and was also supposed to disable the alarm system. Apparently, he failed miserably at both.

But the story does not end behind the building. There were more than three stooges in this show.

They also had a driver, waiting in the getaway car for the trio to hop in with their loot from the big jewelry heist. The fourth member of the team must have nerves of steel, as he was found sound asleep behind the wheel of the 1998 Chevrolet Lumina parked a short distance away.

Berry said evidence at the scene and inside the Lumina “connected the driver” to the other three men.

All four were found to be illegal aliens living in the Houston area.

Alberto Carlos Escobar, 40; William Renee Vasquez, 29; Christian Javier Ramos, 25 and 34-year-old Santos Orlando Machados-Chicas are charged with Burglary of a Building (state jail felony); Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity (third-degree felony); and evading arrest / detention.

A hold has been placed the men by the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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