Burglar Arrested In Home Owners Closet

What initially started out as a simple broken water pipe repair by a home owner on CR 1413 in Liberty County elevated into the arrest of Mike Even with a Houston address when Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Cavanaugh found Even hiding under a blanket in the closet of the home owner. This strange turn of events took place on Friday, November 24th. when the home owner found they had no water pressure and then found a broken water pipe outside and under the window of their son’s bedroom at approximately 8:30am that morning.


Repairs on the water pipe continued throughout mid-day when the son arrived back home and found wet clothing in his bedroom and several items thrown around the floor. Shortly afterwards the home owners heard a noise coming from within a nearby closet. Fearful of opening the door, they called the Sheriff’s Office and when Deputy Cavanaugh opened the closet door, he discovered Even hiding under a blanket with stolen property in his pockets and on the floor.


Evidently Even crawled through the bedroom window in the early morning hours using the water pipe to stand on which broke the pipe and after looting the bedroom for valuables, he hid in the closet to avoid the family during most of the day.


Mike Even who gave his birthday as July 30, 1958 was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Habitation and placed in the Liberty County jail without resistance.

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