Thursday morning Conroe Police responded to a burglary in progress in the 1200 block of Roberson Road. When they arrived they discovered the suspect was stealing copper from the backyard of the residence while the home owner was in the house.

Police detained the suspect and placed him in the back seat of a patrol car. Officer Whittle then opened the back door a few minutes later to read the suspect his rights. The suspect was trying to get out forcing Whittle to stand within the door opening to read the Miranda Warning. The suspect John Perry turned in the seat and rammed Officer Whittle knocking the officer off balance backwards into the roadway. Whittle grabbed the suspect who was still cuffed as he fell and hung o for several feet as the suspect fled dragging the officer with him. Whittle then lost his grip and the suspect fled.

He was captured a short distance away in Roberson Park. The suspect refused to walk back to the patrol car or get inside.

Officer Whittle sustained lacerations to his right elbow during the fall on the asphalt, along with lacerations to his right hand and right knee.

John Tarrinia Perry, 41 of 12896 FM 2854 was booked into the Montgomery County Jail and was charged in the 435th District Court with escape causing bodily injury, assault on a public servant and theft of material 50% aluminum/bronze/copper less than $20,000.

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