Just after 8 a.m. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female who had been home alone with her two children in the 2900 block of San Bernard River Loop in the Creekside Village Subdivision. The female caller stated a Black male in a fishing cap and white long sleeve shirt had just kicked her front door in. He then ran to the back of the house outside. Several units responded and set up a perimeter. A helicopter was dispatched and units began checking vehicles leaving the subdivision. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department also responded with a dog.

Several residents reported seeing the man. Then at 9:42 deputies took the male into custody.

Detectives are now investigating.

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  1. JayKayMommy

    Come on ladies.. im glad nothing happened to woman and her children, but every woman should invest in a reliable pistol and some range time with that pistol, especially if you have children.. you do everything else you can to protect your kids, why not do one of the best things and learn to shoot.. then you can possibly save the would be next victim and send these low lives that don’t know how to be real men and make a real living to the morgue..

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