burglary turns into man hunt

At 9:45 p.m. Saturday night Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Precinct 4 Constables responded to Dager Recycling on Lodge Drive just north of Johnson Road in New Caney. The manager reported an alarm had gone off and as he was checking the business a white male fired several shots at him then ran into the woods next to the business.

As deputies started arriving in the area they found a blue vehicle stuck in the mud in an open field next to the business. Around the vehicle were radiators and scrap aluminum. All the windows were open complete with a beer can in the console, burglary tools in the back seat and a .44 caliber pistol in the glove box.

As units secured the area “Ranger”, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s K-9 was called to the scene and immediately picked up a scent. For over an hour he followed the track but kept losing it in the area of Florita and Yukon Streets.

As a second pass was made in the area the suspect was spotted about to bolt from the back door of a mobile home at 23387 Florita. This was where the dog continued to lose the scent.

As Deputies closed in the suspect was ordered out with his hands raised. Instead he slammed the door and went back into the house.

At that point the suspects mother allowed deputies into the home to search for him. The dog finally located him in a bathtub covered with clothes.

When deputies returned to the business they were met by the manager who advised them the business was indeed broken into. They did have video of the suspect Adam Joseph Elliott making trips in and out of the building carrying radiators and large coils of aluminum.

At one point he stopped to smash a window on the office and later kicked the door to gain access to the office. The manager believed he was looking for cash which is not kept there went the business is closed.

Adam Joseph Elliott was transported to the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of Aggravated Robbery.

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