Just after 6pm Needham  Road Fire Department assisted River Plantation Fire Department with a reported structure fire at  Oak Park and Old Humble Pipeline  in the Magnolia Bend area. On arrival they found a shed already burned to the ground. A burn barrel not far away and plenty of pine needles appeared to be the cause but it is being investigated by the Montgomery County Fire Marshal for final determination. Fire fighters spent over an hour extinguishing the fire and putting out hotspots.

Again at 3am Sunday morning River Plantation was assisted by Caney Creek Fire Department on a grass and woods fire on Crighton Road just off FM 3083.

A burn ban is still in place for Montgomery County. Ignoring it will result in a citation and a expensive fine.

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  1. SSargent

    I also do not make it a point to find and drive by fire depts. In fact – the way I head to town leads me past a grand total of 0 fire depts.

  2. SSargent

    Since I don’t burn – Im sure I may have seen something and completely diregarded it since it didn’t apply to me.
    But no – I pay attention the ABC13 news and not really stuff more local than this – but on occasion when I think about it. And I really only remember seeing signs out about halloween festivals at multiple schools/churches, and the signs about “No Refusal Weekend.”
    No need to be a smart a$$, just saying if I didn’t notice- there is a good chance other people didn’t either. Though it’s also likely they just didn’t give a damn.

  3. EMCFF

    LOL @ Scratchnmyhead. I have to agree. It has been posted in every news paper in town. (major and minor) On all 4 major tv channels, every Fire Departments billboards, Scott ran it repeatedly on this site, and I even saw it on Face Book. I suppose the Governor could have placed a personal phone call to anyone who missed it the first 300 times.


    You know…..thats the lack of pulling you head out of your butt while on the road and paying attention… I have seen notice of the burn ban in the following places and wasn’t really looking… As seen in for the last 7 days it been in effect: the news paper, county web site, this site, tv news, community message boards, signs on the side of the road and word of mouth. Only thing that hasn’t been done is personal calls and by mail… Ignorance is not a defense!!!!

  5. scratchnmyhead

    Oh for gawds sake! Do you not leave the house?? The fire departments have signs up and, just in case you missed the several hundred or so of those, we haven’t had rain in like 9 years and even the air is combustible! Common sense is definitely something we need more of! THINK!

  6. SSargent

    You know – I generally do not watch the news – or didn’t for a very long time .I still only kinda half-assed watch this site. I didn’t even know there was a burn ban in place.
    Isn’t there some way the city can place that on those electronic billboards along the freeway – in between the amber alerts?

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