A tip Friday afternoon led Montgomery County Detectives to a dirt road running to the west off the southbound feeder of US59 between Roman Forest ands FM1485.

The information they had was there was a dead body on the path. Detectives discovered a burned plastic trash can with the remains of what appears to be that of a female inside it.   Judge Metts also arrived at the scene and  ordered the body was taken to the Southwest Forensic Center in Conroe. Additional detectives arrived as did Harris County detectives and Houston Police. The Forensic Unit was also dispatched to the scene which started the almost ten hour investigation.

In the end Precinct Four Constable Rowdy Hayden took a suspect into custody. That suspect according to Montgomery County Detective Franklin is identified as  26 year old Robert Henton and is being held on a charge of Abuse of a Corpse.

Detectives braved the afternoon heat as they searched the entire area for evidence. A representative from the Montgomery County District Attorney was also present.

The case continues to be investigated.


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  1. tori

    What is really going on….VERY HARD TO BELIEVE that Robert is capable of something this horrible! SERIOUSLY! Anyone that knows him would agree & find this VERY strange! Hopefully there will be an update SOON on this case! MY THOUGHTS & PRAYERS GO OUT 2 BOTH FAMILIES!!!

  2. puppydoglover

    Honda Civic 4-door, silver/gold color, was damaged on the drivers side. Looked like the car had been t-boned. The doors on that side didn’t look like they could open. It was parked there I believe on Tues, Wednesday and I think Wed. is when they put the orange sticker on the car and I saw it one more time and then Thurs. it was gone. It did have some rust where the accident damage was, so the accident damage seemed old, not fresh. That’s all I recall.

  3. tori

    WTF..Robert Henton!..? What is really going on..VERY HARD TO BELIEVE that he is capable of this, on any level! SERIOUSLY! Anyone who knows him would agree & find this VERY strange!*****Hopefully there will b a update SOON!..*****My thoughts & PRAYERS go out 2 BOTH familys!!!!

  4. kountryprinzess

    people just make me sick. scott is there anyway you can keep us updated on this and let us know if it is one of the two girls missing from spring or lake houston??

  5. puppydoglover

    I wonder if they checked out the wrecked car that was parked there for 2 days before they finally towed it off. That’s exactly where that car had been parked.

  6. deepthinking

    It is in times like this that I ask myself…what can we do as parents
    to protect our children from predators like this? We can’t just
    lock our kids indoors all the time… Sad very very sad

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