August 15, 2022 2:50 am

Posted: 30.3.2017 18:52


The High Tech Criminal Investigations Unit of the Harris County Precinct Four, Constable Mark Herman’s Office, received a complaint regarding theft and fraud surrounding an advance on a real estate commission. Constable Investigators discovered that the defendant, Robert Nathan Neel, forged his employer’s information on an application for a loan against a pending real estate sale commission. The loan company then bought the commission and wired money to Neel’s account. Neel then allegedly spent the money and the real estate transaction was found to have never existed.

“Robert Neel’s employer had never given him consent to use her identifying information on the fraudulent transaction. Neel is charged with two felony charges of Theft and Forgery against the Elderly. Both charges are out of the 248th Criminal District Court with a total bond of $7000.00.”  – Precinct Four Constable, Mark Herman

Name: Robert Neel
Date of Birth: June 6th 1993
Charge: Theft / Forgery against the Elderly
Bond: $7000.00
Court: 248th
Status: Out on Bond