December 5, 2022 3:28 am

Posted: 4.1.2021 13:50


At 1:19 am North Montgomery County Fire Department was dispatched to a reported major accident in the 12700 block of Calvary Road in North Montgomery County. Units arrived to find a male-identified as Scott Curtis McGregor, 59, of Willis and a female-identified as Shana Gail Adelan, 44, of Willis trapped in a 2008 BMW that had struck a tree. Adelan was transported to HCA Conroe in critical condition with CPR in progress. She was pronounced deceased at the hospital at 2:20 a.m. The driver was freed and also transported in critical condition with a severe head injury. He succumbed to his injuries at 10:58 am Saturday morning. According to DPS, the BMW convertible was traveling west on Calvary Road when the driver encountered a curve. The driver came off the curve and hit a tree sideways trapping both victims. The top was down at the time of the crash and no seat belts were worn. The scene cleared just before 4 am.


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