The Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District has redrawn the boundary lines in order to pass a tax increase of 2%. They have eliminated all Westwood residents with exception of themselves (board members and spouses) and the residents in the apartments across from Target. There are a few residents along Tamina that are included. clip_image002

The tiny grey dots below are board members houses. The white space in the two boxes are the 1000s of voters who were removed by vote of the District’s board. The grey area on 2978 and 1488 are the businesses that will be forced to collect sales taxes from you if this passes.

They are even having the voting at an obscure location – at Tom Grayson’s house – district treasurer’s house



Obscure voting location for Tuesday Nov 2nd


Call 281-687-0928 or email [email protected] for more info

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  1. dman776

    The only people who could vote on this was those people who lived in the “shaded” areas of the map above. So, the areas surrounding Westwood. (also notice the directors homes are shaded)

  2. jstephencoffman

    Have you ever heard of a more dishonest scam then what the board of directors have done?

    They excluded the single family residents (except for their own homes) solely so you could not vote this tax increase down.

    They can drag the single family residences back into the district anything they want to.

    And they lie when they say the tax increase will only affect the businesses. Businesses merely collect the taxes, it is the single families that pay the tax.

    Do these people really think they know better how to spend YOUR hard earned money?

    Shame on them. Boycott their businesses and any business that does business with them. Banish them in social settings. Do not talk to them or associate with them.

    And notify county officials what you think of the scam.

    I am filing a complaint with the State and the federal government.

    Email with any information that will help me get criminal convictions against the board of directors.

    [email protected]

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