Caney Creek Fire Department was one of the departments called on by the Forest Service last week to assist on the major fire in Bastrop. This was before the Magnolia Fire and they are still committed to the Bastrop Fire. When a department purchases new equipment through the Forest Service grant program they enter into a obligation that if called on they need to assist anywhere in the state of Texas. With brush trucks costing close to $100,000 dollars it puts a burden on departments to purchase them straight out. With the grant program the Texas Forest Service funds up to 80% of the cost of that vehicle. 

The crews now remain in mop up mode putting out hotspots and hope to return soon. While away Caney Creek crews have been kept extremely busy here with several major wildfires. Earlier this week on Old Sam and Old Houston when a wall of flames made a run through the woods heading for some homes. Also on Tommy Smith and Howards Way when there to a fast moving fire ran at as many as 30 homes. With the help of not just other departments but residents structural damage was averted.

galindo in bastrop 2

                                             BASTROP FIRE BY: GALINDO


galindo in bastrop

                                                WALL OF FIRE BY GALINDO