caney creek fire department gets early christmas present

It was just before 10p.m. Thursday night. Caney Creek firefighters were sitting in the Assistant Chief’s office discussing the new trucks that had been ordered and were due to be delivered any day.

Moments later the phone rang and the person was on the other end looking for directions to the fire station. After he hung up he told everyone the trucks are across the street and are on the way.

Everyone rushed to the front doors just to see the 4 trucks pull out of Caney Creek High Schools parking lot and head south on FM 1485. One of the firefighters jumped into his truck to make sure since they weren’t clear n the directions he was going to get them here.

Minutes seemed like forever as they rounded the corner and started pulling into the station. One behind the other. A total of 4 brand new trucks designed and speced out by the firefighters. The had been in the assembly stages just a few months when they were ready to roll.

The trucks will be approximately one month before they hit the streets and are seen on fire and rescue scenes in the area. The trucks need to be have radios installed, hoses loaded, equipment mounted and then the most important thing is the training of the firefighters on the operation of each truck. Also in the training will be a driving class so firefighters can become familiar with how they handle, where equipment is and how they pump.

Ferrera Apparatus was the company assigned to build the trucks. They are not new to the industry. They have delivered over 4,000 fire trucks around the world. They are based in Holden, Louisiana which is just outside Baton Rouge. While they were building Caney Creeks trucks they were also preparing eight trucks for New York City with almost 20 more going around the United States including one to Canada and one to Trinidad.




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  1. hummingbird1998

    This is really big for our district!! I hope everyone in ESD 9 realize what a huge thing this is- we have such an awesome bunch of firefights- I am proud to have them protecting me and my family!! What an honor!!! Congratulations guys and gals-YA’LL DESERVE THIS!!!!

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