Caney Creek Volunteer Fire Department was created in April 2010 by consolidating the Grangerland Volunteer Fire Department with the Bennette Estates Volunteer Fire Department. The ESD board members and the members of both fire departments felt we can better service the community by becoming one.

Currently we cover approximately fifty-two square miles with four stations and one under construction. We are a combination department staffed with both duty crew members during the day and volunteers nights and weekends.

Caney Creek Volunteer Fire Department is equipped, staffed and trained to handle all types of emergencies. We contract with the Montgomery County Hospital District to provide first responders on all types of medical calls. We responded to approximately fifteen hundred calls last year for emergency services.

Currently working out of four stations, we man four Engines, one tanker, four grass trucks and several support/staff vehicles. Over the next several months we will be replacing some of the aging fleet. The contract for the new apparatus was awarded to Ferrara Fire Apparatus located in Holden, Louisiana; they will be building three Engines and one Rescue with a delivery date of sometime in late April. This was funded with tax dollars and a grant from the Texas Forest Service.

Over the last year we worked hard to help the community with lowering their homeowner’s insurance rates. Prior to this year our Insurance Rating was a 9/10 in some areas and a 10 which is worst other area’s that is the highest rates possible. The department spent countless hours training, testing and driving our territory to prepare for inspectors from Insurance Service Offices to survey our community. As of February of this year we were changed to a grading of 4/9. If you live within five miles of a fire station and have a drafting site, pond/lake or fire hydrant within a 1000 feet of your home you could save hundreds of dollars on your homeowners insurance per year. Contact your insurance company for more information. We now have bench mark numbers that we can continue to work from, if you have a pond/lake on your property please contact us to see if it meets the criteria set by the Insurance Service Office. If we continue working together it is our belief that we can become an ISO rating of a 3 which will help all the commercial business in the community with their insurance.

As residences of our community you have emergency services available to you 24/7. The Caney Creek Fire Department also offers:

· Free home safety inspections

· Smoke detectors to homes that don’t have one

· Station tours

· Junior firefighter program for member 16 and up

· Fire safety classes

· Don Granger Scholarship Program

· Street reflective address signs sold for $15.00

Cost to outfit a Firefighter:

· Fire Coat $800.00

· Fire Pants $750.00

· Leather Boots $ 298.00

· Fire Helmet $225.00

· Gloves $100.00

· Hood $40.00

· Air Pack $6300.00

Community Fire Stations:

Station 81: 16723 FM 2090 Conroe Texas 77306

Station 82: 16504 Mistic Ridge Conroe Texas 77302

Station 83: 12051 FM 3083 Conroe Texas 77301

Station 84: 15038 Calhoun Rd Conroe Texas 77302

Station 85: 11015 FM 1485 Conroe Texas 77306

Questions Please Contact MCESD9 at 936-231-3527

Or visit

Special thanks to retired board members;

· Mr. Floyd Dees

· Mr. Don Granger

· Mr. Joe Young

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