Jody Bell, age 22, was not just a father to his son Wyatt Lane Bell. He was due to be married to his beautiful Fiance Ashley Forbes. That all ended when on his way home from Livingston Sunday morning early Jody was involved in a single vehicle accident  in Goodrich that took his life.

Jody attended both Livingston and Willis High Schools. Jody was also a Volunteer Firefighter with the Caney Creek Volunteer Fire Department.  He was also a welded for Brandt Industries.

Thursday afternoon hundreds of friends and family members gathered at Northside Baptist Church to remember Jody.

Since he was a firefighter he was given a full fighters funeral. Among the friends and family were firefighters from Caney Creek Fire Department, River Plantation, New Caney, Needham, Conroe, Porter and MCHD.

When the service ended at Northside Baptist Church the Montgomery County Fire Honor Guard led the casket to Caney Creek’s Engine 83 for Jody’s last ride. Leaving the church they traveled down Frazier to Davis and through downtown Conroe to his final resting place at Conroe Memorial Park.



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  1. Daisy Mae

    I would like to personally thank Scott Engel for the coverage on the funeral of Jody Lynn Bell. Your service to our community is much appreciated. Thank you for taking time to cover this and thank you for the beautiful words regarding my daughter Ashley Forbes. Jody talked of you often and shared videos of the fires you covered and he worked. I would like to obtain a copy of the video for Jody’s son Wyatt.

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