Katherine Mable Jones, age 18,  who most in the Grangerland area know as Emily Jones was driving eastbound in the 5800 block of Beltway 8 service road near Lee Road at 2:10a.m. Wednesday morning when she was struck by a drunk driver.

The driver Erasmo Ramirez, age 33 was also eastbound at a high rate of speed in his Honda Accord when he struck Emily in her red Chevrolet pickup with such force it caused spinal injury. Ramirez had no headlights.

Emily was flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston where she was put on life support.

Her injuries were described to severe to support life and she was pronounced dead at Herman Hospital.

Ramirez was also transported to the hospital for his minor injuries. He is currently in the Harris County Jail on charges of Intoxicated Assault. According to police these charges will most likely be upgraded to Intoxicated Manslaughter.

Ramirez who lives at 202 Plaza Verde in Houston which is on the southwest corner of Beltway 8 and Interstate 45. Ramirez has a previous conviction of possession of marijuana in 1998 and again in January of 1999. He was then once again arrested in Navarro County for possession of marijuana in November of 2004.

In August of 1996 he was charged with evading arrest after he fled in his vehicle from Houston Police while he was intoxicated. He was charged with both and received 60 days.

Then again on February 27, 2004 he was arrested for DWI 2nd

Again in September of 1997 he was arrested by DPS in Houston for driving while license suspended and served 3 days.

In August of 2000 he was arrested in LaGrange for driving while license suspended

Emily was a senior at Caney Creek High School who was in the Colorguard.


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  1. Rhonda40

    I would like to know why they are only charging this man with intoxicated manslaughter instead of intoxicated manslaughter with a deadly weapon??? Does anyone know what his bail is set at??? I LOVE and MISS my wonderful son Kendrick Owens (killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver March 06, 2010) tremendously each and every waking moment……. I read the story about Emily and was terribly heart broken!!! My deepest sympathy goes out to Emily’s family and friends……… To KENDRICK and EMILY and all the other VICTIMS of drunk driving WE LOVE YOU SPECIAL ANGELS!!!

  2. DWITracker

    7 Prior charges two being DWI. These JUDGES need to look hard at these cases before putting these repeat offenders back into the communities..Look at what these JUDGES are doing before you CAST YOUR NEXT VOTE!!!!! Our prayers go out to the parents, family and friends..

  3. lucy

    There is not a day that I don’t think about Emily. Caney Creek won’t be the same with out her. We miss you Emily:”(

  4. Teresa

    I have a question for the state officials. How many more of our children will die at the hands of a drunk before you will make some serious laws? Go one day without your child. No hugs, no laughter, no hopes or dreams. Now do that everyday for the rest of your life.

  5. smilelytexter

    That’s so not fair..she was such a great freaking person and i hate to put this in such vulgar terms but i hope he burns in hell for this. he committed murder pretty much to an amazing person. he will never go to heaven where she is now and i hope he knows that. he probably doesn’t even care that he killed her.

  6. Tiki60

    yes it really is a shame, since my son just got cleared from a DUI that took over a year and over $5000 to clear…he wasn’t even driving… he was in his neighborhood with a flat tire and had walked to his truck from his house to fix it, long story short..wrecker pulled up, called police..he went to jail.
    I know friends of this young lady and they are devastated. This creep needs to never get out!!

  7. tiffyy14

    I was a good friend to Emily and a fellow classmate.
    This event has effected so many people.
    At school we’ve been wearing her favorite colors,purple pink and orange, also some of us have been wearing ribbons in honor of her memory. this man doesnt quite understnad that his actions have placed a great deal of pain on so many people.
    Now on graduation day,the Class of 2011, will now be one person short…all because of the stupidity of this man…

  8. Pat

    What a P.O.S.! They should hang this guy in public to set an example of what needs to occur if you drink and drive!
    Texas needs to bring back public executions! Watch and see if the crime rate doesn’t drop then…

  9. auntbb

    Such a beautiful girl. And as usual when they are drunk they walk away minor injuries. So sorry for the famuly. Tracy if u need anything call me.

  10. aryake

    I knew this girl, and she was a sweetie! and now that I’m thinking about, I was listening to KSBJ when a woman called and told them about this accident and to keep them in everyones prayers. I prayed and she’s in a wonderful place right now! and for this guy, he has whats coming to him! how was this guy out there on the streets first of all, he should of been where he is now, it really sucks that it took Emilys life for the police to realize that he should of been locked up a long time ago!!

  11. dragon9919

    Emily was a close friend of mine… it was tradgic to hear this, i am in the band and it breaks mine and the whole bands heart… she will be dearly missed… thank you for the prayers…

  12. dreamwatcher

    Somehow, I don’t see someone who’s been convicted 3 times of possession charges and 2 times of driving while intoxicated finding a designated driver. I hope to God he spends the rest of his sorry piece of life in prison, which is actually to good for scum like this.

    For the family of Emily..we are all so sorry for your tragic loss and hope you find peace knowing that she is in God’s arms. Our prayers are with you and your family and friends and Emily’s dear friends who will all miss her so much.

  13. texascowgirl1962

    Such a young person, so sad that she lost her life as such. Her life was just beginning, what a tragic end to a beautiful young lady. God Bless.

  14. country2011

    Sounds like he should of never been on the road to begin with. and now I lost a friend that I have been in school with since elementary school. our whole community,school everything has been hurt severly. I hope he rots in jail. he should get the death sentence for what he did to a girl who cared about others so much more then herself. she had 2 months of high school left and was going to graduate with promises of a bright future. The class of 2011 and all others will miss Katherine mabel Emily Jones when we walk in may. because this selfish a$$ ruined her life.

  15. gold

    When will our lawmakers get some guts and do something about all of these repeat offenders. It is the truly innocent that pay the ultimate price.
    Emily we Love you and you will be missed by all of us. Our Hearts go out to Emily’s family we are truly sorry for your Heartbreaking loss. She was an AMAZING young lady.

  16. kayrokk

    Emily was a friend of mine. We were in Choir together Freshman and Sophomore year. Unfortunately I dropped out and I hadn’t seen her for 6 months or so. I wish I had talked to her more. We’re warned every day at school about drunk driving. We’re told and told and told, “Do not drink and drive, be safe, think of others.” It’s sad that someone with a natural zeal for life like Emily had to die in order for the point to get across to him. I hope he gets charged with multiple charges and then lives with everything he’s done for the rest of his miserable life.

  17. poolharmony02

    These kind of people make me sick. my thoughts and prayers definitely go out to the young ladies family. what I don’t understand is why drunks can get on the road, and kill people? this guy should have been in jail a long time ago, meanwhile we are arresting people with minimal amounts of marijuana crowding our jails and prisons! But people like this scumbag get to drive around town get drunk and kill people. Where is the justice in that? But once again my condolences to her family!

  18. Sherry Wilson

    Emily was a sweet, beautiful and vibrant young lady that was taken away all too soon. She will never get to experience graduation, college, marriage, children and other joys in life due to this scum bag not being put behind bars for good a long time ago. She will be truly missed and loved by alot of people. Our family was blessed in getting to meet her and getting to know her. I also want to send my heartfelt prayers out to her mom, dad and sisters. May God try to help give you comfort and some sort of strength in the loss of your daughter and sister.

  19. robindeanna16

    Emily, I love you!! And I miss you so much!!
    Rest in peace girl<3 and I wish so much right now
    that the son of a bitch who did this, was standing nxt to me
    with a gun in my hand, put to his f*cking head!!!
    <3 you didn't deserve the result you got!

  20. bubbles1994

    R.I.P emily jones, u were the best colorguard captain anybody could ask for everybody is goig to miss ur positive funn loving random totally amazing personality. u are love by so many people and will never be forgotten.. i love then random times when i would go up to u and start dancen and then ud tell me hahaha girl, teach me that lol i am going to miss that so much u were like a sister to me and the rest of the girls. i love u so much but i know ur in a better place know watching over all of us. R.I.P

  21. TexasT

    God, please wrap your arms around Emily’s family and show them your love. Dear God, I pray you watch over all our children and that the white light of the Holy Spirit surround them and keep them safe always. In Jesus Name.
    Many Prayers to the Jones Family.

  22. one_cool_mom

    Another senseless tragedy. When you look at his priors, why was he still on the street? Emily was a very sweet friend of my granddaughter. They had been in Color Guard together. I know that it has been very hard on all of her friends at school. She was loved very much and will be missed.

  23. dragon9919

    Emily was a close friend of mine… it was tradgic to hear this, i am in the band and it breaks mine and the whole bands hearts… she will dearly missed… thank you for the prayers…

  24. sbickmore

    I’m a friend of Emily’s, what’s happened to her and her family is horrible. I hope this man is put away for life. he’s taken a good friend, daughter and sister for ever.

  25. rebelbabe1978

    Another tragedy that could have been averted had someone just had a designated driver or stayed home to drink. No, Ramirez was so selfish and cared about no one but himself so now a family, group of friends, and community will no longer have a young woman with great potential and a bright future. Ramirez you are a coward, loser, and waste of breath. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young woman.

  26. Niles91

    That guy shall burn in hell for what he has done to a truly amazing person. May not have known her that much while going to school with her but she was truly a great person.

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