3:30a.m.-Overnight officials who diverted all their attention to locating Keegan shifted gears and sought to bring charges against the suspect. When SWAT ran on the Fawnridge Apartments where as they were there McClain returned to the apartments and asked to speak to detectives. She then told detectives she shot Golden and took the baby to her apartment on Sugar Pine in Harris County.

The baby was then recovered from the suspects home on Sugar Pine Circle  just off FM 1960 in the Ponderosa area.

Overnight Capital Murder charges were filed on Verna Deann McClain, 30. She confessed to the incident. At an earlier date she told her sister she would be adopting a child soon. After the shooting and kidnapping she contacted her sister and told her she now had the child and would need to do the adoption.

McClain has no prior record and is a licensed vocational nurse registered in the State of California since 2008.

She is being held in the Montgomery County Jail without bond.

Another person of interest is being questioned.

                                    VERNA MCCLAIN

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  1. nikki6

    You already know they are going to claim insanity and then she will get a high profile lawyer that will take the case pro bono for the publicity.

  2. k.firmin

    A VRN did this..who are we supposed to trust?? U would think nurses would be trusted..guess u can’t trust anyone. That woman has some issues if she thinks she can kill someone, steal there baby and live happily ever after. I bet she says she’s insane like every other baby drama does.

  3. goodelife12

    This is such an uncalled-for tragedy! How could a human being be so selfish and sadistic that they murder an innocent mother in cold blood inorder to steal her new born child to keep as their own? Verna McClain does not deserve to be a mother, she doesn’t deserve the air that she is currently breathing! She deserves to rot in prison for the rest of her miserable existance with pictures of the innocent young mother, whose life she stole, plastered all over her prison cell so that she can think about her everyday for the rest of her life, knowing that those 3 little boy’s will never hug, kiss or hear their mother’s voice again!
    My prayers go out to Kala’s family and firends. Thank God baby Keegan was returned to his family unharmed! God Bless

  4. Jamesw2

    Is McClain crazy?? I have read news reports ,in the past , where women have done C sections to get a baby . . This is not a career criminal. Life with out the possibility for parole. Make be a nurse in prison

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