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Tuesday afternoon hundreds gathered at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to say farewell to Captain Ken Ariola. . Captain Ariola started at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as a detective in 1999. He quickly moved up through the ranks. In 2000 he was promoted to Lieutenant of the Special Investigations Unit. He then was promoted to Captain of the law enforcement in 2004 and was moved to the position of Jail Administrator in 2005 before taking over the Patrol Division a year later.

Ariola loved working the jail and in 2009 returned as Jail Administrator.

Captain Ariola is was not new for to law enforcement as many at his retirement party also attended his retirement party in 1996 when he retired from DPS after 28 years.

Ariola served in the United States Marine Corp from 1964-1968, three or those years were in Vietnam.

In 1968 he went to work for the Texas Department of Public Safety and worked patrol in the Corpus Christi area. From there he was transferred to Houston in 1975 working the Narcotics Division. He then came to Conroe to work Narcotics and Narcotics Special Training for Clandestine Labs.

Captain Ariola will be missed.


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  1. Alan

    It’s a good day if/when you have the opportunity to retire from law enforcement. It’s even better to do it twice.

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