car crashes into 18-wheeler

Just before 6 a.m. Monday morning Charles Davis, 42, of Splendora was backing his Mack 18-wheeler with a trailer out of a private driveway at FM 2090 at Morgan Drive when he was struck by a Ford Focus which was westbound on FM 2090. The driver of that car, John Carsey, 33, of Cleveland didn’t see the trailer until the last minute. Slamming his brakes on he left about fifty feet of skid marks before striking the trailer.

Carsey was transported in serious condition.

DPS is investigating the crash. Several witnesses said the truck with the low trailer was backing out with no lights visible and nobody directing traffic on the dark stretch of FM 2090.

EDITOR NOTE: Five minutes before the crash I was traveling down FM 2090. As I rounded the curve I saw something in the road but was unsure what it was. That something turned out to be the same trailer with one amber light flashing on the side of the trailer. The trailer is lined with red and white reflective tape which I did not see either as it rides just about twelve inches off the ground. I was forced to the opposite shoulder almost striking a mailbox. The driver who was only partially out appeared to pull back into the driveway.


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