Early Wednesday afternoon a woman was leaving the Porter Walmart when she was carjacked. According to officials she had walked to her car and was putting her groceries in when a white male walked up to her. As she finished and put her basket in the rack she got into her vehicle. At this point the male walked to her open door and jerked her out onto the ground. He then got in the drivers seat of the 2007 Saturn and slammed into another vehicle, he then put it in reverse with her hanging on and hit another vehicle. The suspect then backed out of the parking lot at a high rate of speed.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was alerted and put out an attempt to locate on the vehicle.

Approximately thirty-minutes later the owner of a used car lot on FM 1485 called Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and stated the suspect just came into his business and attempted to sell him the car. Deputies moved units in that direction and approximately ten minutes later the vehicle again passed the car lot.

A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department patrol unit spotted the suspect in the stolen vehicle at FM 1485 and 59. When he attempted to stop him the suspect fled. The chase continued to Northpark where the suspect ran a red light and struck a Ford F250 pickup. In that truck was a young boy who suffered a severe head laceration.

All were transported to the hospital.

Additional details and video shortly.

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  1. really66

    I understand the need to get these losers, but I still do not like police ‘chasing’ these losers. To many innocent people get hurt!

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