A reader called this morning with a request. She lives on North Walker Road off 105 near Cut and Shoot. For the past several days as she sat on her porch she has heard a cat meowing. This morning she went to search for the source. She found the source to be a large long hair black and white cat almost forty feet up a tree. After several hours the cat still would not budge from it’s perch. If you approach he tree it begins to walk out onto a very thin limb. She has made several calls with no results. The tree sits within twelve feet of the roadway. She is requesting if anyone know a climber or some way of getting the cat down. She said it has been several days already.



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  1. krissmo74

    Wow I am really disappointed with how apathetic people are….so just fyi cats reach a height at which they will not come down…also if they don’t eat for several days they can get hepatic lipidosis which can be fatal. I have had one of my cats get stuck in a tree…he is a fatty and will do anything for food, however he reached that point where he just wouldn’t come down for food or anything….we ended up calling a tree cutting service who had somebody climb the tree no problem and get him down. You also can call the fire department, some will help some wont. I hope everything works out for the kitty!

  2. Av8rAl

    Shameful the people in this county who respond to a compassionate persons post with derision and ridicule. I’ve seen it on the lost dog posts too. Posting snarky comments makes you look ignorant. Don’t you have anything better to do? That’s fine but you should at least have some respect for the feelings the original poster is experiencing. This county has a rep for being filled with rednecks, hicks and hayseeds and posts like yours do nothing to improve that rep.

  3. kj2104

    The the stupid cat don’t have enough sense to come down then that’s it’s own problem…. Like ya said Bart it’s a freaking cat… Their are to many of them anyhow don’t think the cat population would be in jeopardy by the loss of one.

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