After spending five days at about forty five feet in a tree a cat was glad to be back on the ground. Early Wednesday afternoon MCPR was contacted about a cat in a tree on North Walker Road. After going to the scene we learned that a resident had been hearing a cat meow for several days and finally decided to locate the source. After looking for a while she discovered the cat in the tree across the street from her. She had contacted multiple agencies including fire, police, animal control and tree services all with the same answer, we can’t help.

After we posted it the owner who resides just down the street arrived and had been looking for her cat.

A short time later Joshua Steward arrived home and after getting a ladder and some rope went up after the cat. With the ladder only reaching only about one quarter the way up, he worked his way up with ropes and by wrapping his legs around the tree.

As he finally got to the cat . As he wrapped his legs around the tree to hold himself in position, using both hands, he was able to gain partial control of it by holding it by the scruff of the neck. The cat still refused to let go of the limb, however he was able to use a gym bag and slide the cat in and then lower it to the ground. He eventually made it down himself.


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  1. mlg1969

    No comments!! That’s some funny stuff right there!! and I agree.,not the most major news around. I love catscats, but they are self sufficient

  2. mlg1969

    If I were a cat I would stay there until everyone left, people alone, staring at me and creating a ruckus would make me not want to move. I would just watch them and wonder if they have a life other than trying to free me from a tree that I climbed up apparently trying to get away from them and knowing that I will eventually come down, the panic, the fear, the money they will spend getting me down…. PRICLESS,LOL

  3. mlg1969

    Way to spend MONEY . OMG The cat got up there and the cat can get down. Call rescue for major, more important things. That is like the idiots that call 911 because their burger was incorrect

  4. chickenlips

    That dude is sooooo lucky that cat didn`t eat his a_s up when he grabbed ahold of him in the top of that tree. LOL!!!!
    Some people never cease to amaze me.

  5. animalangel

    i appreciate this very much as many animals lovers do, thanks to everyone to save this cat! haters got to hate! thanks MCPR for what yall do for animals, yes THIS is news, great news!

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