Officer Leonard Reed, 41, passed away at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center

Chief Fluck of the Cedar Park Police Department said all his staff and their families are in mourning over the accident.

“This individual rendered outstanding service and protection to our community,” he said.  “He always did it with a happy heart.  He was a positive and cheerful officer who gave outstanding service to anyone that needed it.”

Reed is a four-year veteran of the department.  He was Cedar Park Officer of the Year in 2008.

On Wednesday evening, Reed’s friends and family gathered at the hospital, embracing and comforting each other at the news of his death.

Chief Fluck said Reed was recently transferred to the traffic enforcement unit. He was conducting motorcycle training with a senior officer on Arrow Point Drive, just north of RM 1431 in Cedar Park at the time of the crash.
“In the course of his duties at 3:18 this afternoon, he lost control of his motorcycle and hit the curb and apparently the motorcycle went airborne and collided with a utility pole,”  he said.

His training Officer immediately started CPR. He had no pulse for almost 15 minutes. EMS transported Reed to St. David’s Hospital in Round Rock where he was immediately taken into surgery in an attempt to repair massive internal injuries. He died just after 7pm.

DPS will investigate the crash and recreate the accident scene. Funeral services are pending.

Reed leaves behind a wife and two sons.

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