The Harris County District Attorney today upgraded the charge against Erasmo Ramirez age 33 of 202 Plaza Verde in Houston. Ramirez who was intoxicated at the time that he struck Caney Creek Senior Katherine Mable Jones “Emily” in the rear of her extended cab pickup as she traveled eastbound on Beltway 8 near Lee Road. Investigators believe he was traveling at a high rate of speed with no headlights when his Honda Accord struck her.

Emily was flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston with a severed spine. She was put on life support and passed away yesterday. Her passing did saved several other lives as her organs were donated.

The Harris County District Attorney today upgraded the Intoxicated Assault charge to Intoxicated Manslaughter. He will be arraigned in the 208th District Court Monday morning at 8 a.m.

In the mean time officials have taken custody of both vehicles as preserving both for evidence.




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  1. rgwelch

    Well said. Emily was a sweet girl who practiced her flag routine in her front yard and consoled her mother when she lost her husband a few months ago. I hope this guy has a slow painful death in prison!

  2. msflowers

    emily was such a sweet girl. This man needs to be ran over a few times i am so pissed i can’t even write down what i really wish would happen to this repeat offender. Death would be to good for this S.O.B, but he is breathing good air someone else could be breathing!

  3. robindeanna16

    Emily, i miss you so much. i still feel like you’re here and I’m gonna walk through the doors Monday & see you standing there. //: looking at these pictures made everything so much worse; and knowing that you’re gone and he’s not doesn’t help either. you were everything to us and we’re going to miss you so much girl!! </3 this bastard better get what he deserves, that's all i gotta say..
    R.I.P Emily<3 you'll never leave my heart!

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