Just after 9 pm Saturday night as most people around the Brookshire area were setting off fireworks in their yard an explosion, not related to those fireworks lit up the Waller County skies. The skies continued to be lit until after 3am when the chemical fire at Flow Chem on FM 529 near Morrison Road was finally brought under control.

Firefighters from Katy Fire Department, Pattison FD, Monaville FD, Prairie View FD, Bellville FD, San Felipe FD, Fulshear FD, Waller FD, CyFair and Katy EMS,, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, Harris County HAZMAT, Fort Bend HAZMAT worked to bring the blaze under control. Water was a big issue, as crews set up a quad dump tank system trucks shuttled water from Brookshire some 9 miles away.

The Waller County Judge ordered a shelter in place as large plumes of smoke covered the area.
The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office will investigated to determine a cause.

Flow Chem makes chemicals to coat the inside of pipelines to reduce friction.

There were no injuries,.

As firefighters battled the blaze, Waller County Sheriff;s Office blocked FM 529 at Morrison Road. As the deputy turned one vehicle away, the driver told him a black vehicle was heading this way all over the road. Moments later that black vehicle approached the intersection and almost ran the deputy over. The driver thought he was in Copperfield, some 20 miles away.

He was arrested for driving while intoxicated and transported to the Waller County Jail.

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